Thursday, June 14, 2012

New tangle pattern & Children's Storybook

Currently I'm part of a DotWebbie journal swap that is being hosted by Rhodia.  There are 12 of us and the overall theme is  'Favorite things'.  Each month, I've chosen a different Favorite Thing.  I currently belong to the Viva Las Vegastamps! Design Team, and of course, sooner or later I had to visit the subject of rubber stamping!

For this month's round I decided to recreate a little book I'd done for a friend's child using my stamps, Zentangle®-Inspired patterns and bad poetry.  Some stamp pad inks do go through on Rhodia paper (which is strange, because even fountain pen ink doesn't!) and we're in the middle of our journals, so the curve of the paper made stamping more difficult.  Normally, I work with this rather than avoid it, but I had something specific in mind this time.  So I stamped my images on a Rhodia 'R' pad, colored them with Verithin colored pencil, and cut them out.  I used Miracle tape to adhere the cut-outs to the dotWebbie pages.

I used various pens to color the backgrounds and draw the patterns.  Where I used specific tangle patterns I identify them, but a lot of them were patterns I'm working on or that just came to mind, and I'm not sure which ones they are. The steps to my new tangle pattern, Background #6, are at the bottom of the post.

Hope you enjoy my little children's book!

Rhodia DotWebbie journal
Rhodia 'R' Pad
Ranger Archival Ink pad-black
Miracle Tape
Prismacolor Verithin Color Pencils-Process Red, Peacock Blue, Canary Yellow, Apple Green, Parma Violet, Deco Pink, Ultramarine, Dark Brown, Orange Warm Grey, Poppy Red, Light Peach
Tim Holtz Distress Markers-Shabby Shutters, Crushed Olive, Bundled Sage, Peeled Paint, Weathered Wood, Faded Jeans, Chipped Sapphire, Worn Lipstick, Spun Sugar, Vintage Photo, Tumbled Glass
Faber-Castell Big Brush pens-Cold Grey III, Sanquine, Medium Flesh, Sky Blue, Dark Sepia
Micron Pigma pens black.02,.03, .08, Sepia .03, .08
American Craft Precision Pen .03, .08
Pentel White Sunburst gel pen
Viva Las Vegastamps! Stamps identified with each page

Info for the page at top of post: Translation: "I see like me, You both have a top hat.  Don't think that makes you big dog!  'I' am still Top Cat!'
Stamps Used: Dog Head In Steampunk Crown -18664,  Dog Head In Steampunk TopHat-18665Steampunk Cat -17720.  Background done with Big Brush pens. Linework done with Microns & Pentel Sunburst.
Tangle patterns: Striping

Translation: "Oh look!  A purple rhino!  How did he get purple? How should I know?" "Oh my! What a surprise!  Another purple rhino!  Should I believe my eyes?"
Stamps Used: Steampunk Rhino-15988,  Steampunk Rhino-17239.  Background done with Big Brush pens. Linework done with Microns. Tangle patterns: Chambray variation, Crescent Moon variations.

Translation: "Here is a lady who looked in mirror.  And what do you think she saw? a lady in a bird mask, Dressed up for Mardi Gras!"
Stamps Used:  Mardi Gras Lady-584,Steampunk Giraffe-15980Pug Looking Up-8411.  Background done with Big Brush pens. Linework done with Sepia Microns & Pentel Sunburst. Tangle patterns: Striping & Bales.

Translation: "Here are two funny little chickens, And a really funny fish.  And three little mice, In a cup in a dish."  "What a pretty elephant! He's covered in sprockets and gears.  He has tincaps for his knees, And metal in his ears.  And look--the silly elephant, Is wearing a silly hat!  So tell me, dear child, What do you think of that?"
Stamps Used:  Steampunk Gear Chick-18439Steampunk Chick-18438, Steampunk Fish-18447, TeaCup O' Mice-10769Steampunk Elephant-15984.  Background and linework done with Tim Holtz Distress markers. Tangle patterns: Koolapopper, Pipkins, Hibred.

Translation: "Turn this page upside down, to turn this poor lady around." "Why is this lady pointing? What is that she said?  She's pointing at the other lady, Who is standing on her head!"
Stamps Used:  Lady With Mirror-18132Horseless Carriage Rescue-18158.
Background and linework done with Tim Holtz Distress markers. Tangle patterns: Crescent Moon variations. Lots of in progress tangles.

Translation: "When the Ferris Wheel goes round, Those who are up do down. Those below roll to the top, And round they go 'til the Ferris Wheel stops." "The balloon is in the sky. The flowers are on the ground.  Do you think the flowers will fly up, When the balloon comes down?"
Stamps Used:  Ferris Wheel-16038Victorian Balloon-6302, Steampunk Flowers-17501.  Background and linework done with Tim Holtz Distress markers. Tangle patterns:  Hibred, Beeline, Background #6 (see steps below).

Translation: "When you visit the coast, You watch the waves go crashing.  But when you take a bath--Please, dear child--NO splashing!" "Would you like to ride in a ballon, far up in the sky?  You would?!  Tell me why?"
Stamps Used:  SeaScape-16188, Balloon Airship-18157. Background done with Tim Holtz Distress Markers. Linework done with American Precision pens & Pentel Sunburst. Tangle patterns: Crescent Moon variations. Lots of in progress tangles.

The notable elements of this tangle are the aura (the white border around each section) and the alternation of dark and light from tile to tile (one tile has dark background with light doodads, and the next has a light background with dark doodads).  Both of these elements can be used to spice up other patterns.  Give it a try.

Not sure what I'm talking about when I discuss Zentangle®, tangle patterns or Steampunk? Check out this post. Scroll to the bottom for brief explanations.

As you can see from my storybook, Viva Las Vegastamps! has a wide variety of rubber stamps--just about anything you might want for any occasion.  New projects are posted every day at the VLVS! blog and you can find the entire product range at VLVS! online store.


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Page 5 is my favorite, although I find it all to be superb, my dear

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Thank you very much!

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Loving this to bits!! Really enjoying Zentangle designs lately!