Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Art Calendar Journal Update!

Happy August 1st everyone! At the beginning of July I shared with you the the creation of my art calendar journal for the Month of July.Follow the link back to that post to learn more about why and how. Today as promised I bring you my July pages completed. The month is officially over and I have tangled and doodled and pondered and practiced. This represents the achievements of the month, thoughts I had been pondering and exactly as I stated, practice for some doodles new and old for future designs. I hope you enjoy my art journal calendar for July!

The process:

As notable things happen through out the month, I doodle or journal those events so that there is some sort of representation, either graphic or written representing the day. Some days are not overly in need of a specific image or words. Some days I've come across a new tangle and simply want to practice it. Other days I've been pondering the world and need to find a statement that represents that thought--this month I was focused quite a bit about freedom and what that means. 
In some squares I used Viva Las Vegastamps to help convey my thoughts. For this post I used:

I hope you enjoyed my art calendar journal page! Thank you for looking! Have a super day!


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Monday, July 30, 2012


Last day to stamp my Christmas in July Cards. If your family is like most the budgets are tight. If you are like me you have a ton of pattern paper you have been hoarding. So why not get yourself a few great VLVS! Christmas Stamps and make your cards this year with all of that paper you have been saving for that special project. 

You don't have to make each card the same mix and match the papers.   

VLVS! Santa Face on VLVS! Kromecote Cardstock-Versafine Black Ink and Tim Holtz Distress Marker- Tattered Rose.  Isn't the detail wonderful!!!
VLVS! Santa Face (fussy cut) stmaped on VLVS! Kromecote Cardstock - ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink Prussian Blue
 VLVS! Santa Face - Versafine Black Ink
 VLVS! Santa Face - Versafine Black Ink
 VLVS! Santa Face - Versafine Black Ink
 VLVS! Santa Face - Versafine Crimson Red Ink
 VLVS! Holly Santa -Versafine Black Ink
 VLVS! Santa Filling Bag - Versafine Black Ink
VLVS! Steampunk Christmas Tree - Versafine Black Ink

Make this an OLD Fashion Christmas... get the family involved in making the Christmas cards this year.  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chicken Wire

I'm having so much fun art journaling.. Here's one of my most recent:

After I misted my background and did a bit of ink puddling, I gathered my spiced marmalade distress ink and stamped my
Chicken Wire Background

3 3/4 x 4 1/2 - $15.25

to add some orange to my page. I sponged the pad directly to the stamp but then misted the stamp a bit with water. It's an easy way to break up a monotone piece and throw in a bit of excitement without taking away from the whole thing. Gives it sort of a watercolor feel.

When misting.. hold the bottle up high and let the water just "speckle" the ink on the stamp. I didn't let mine puddle.. but that doesn't mean it wouldn't have been a nice effect! Just try it out :)
Other products used include a star punchinella from Gauche Alchemy, charcoal tattered angels glimmer mist, a jar, gesso, art blanche alphas, 7gypsies file tab and a woven web from my friend Paula!

Zentangle-Inspired Artwork Stamps-Ideas & Giveaway

Recently two really exciting things have happened for me, both related to Viva Las Vegastamps!  The summer edition of Rubber Stamp Madness magazine came out, with two pages of VLVS! advertisements--one based wholly on my artwork, and one page where my artwork was the background.  The second thing is that VLVS! created seven stamps based on my artwork!

I thought I would share some of the ways I've been using these stamps--especially since I'll be giving some of them away! See more about that at the end of this post.

VLVS! stamps shown starting from top, Left to Right:  

Used as an underlying background
For the Zentangle®-inspired drawing at the beginning of this post, I used the mandala shaped stamp in the upper center of the stamps pictured.  You would hardly know it would you? I just used the image as a background, and guide for the new patterns that I drew over it. I taped it into a handmade journal I'm making with some Designer tape.

Supplies: Ranger Big & Juicy Waterfall stamp pad; white cardstock; Plike* Swatchbook; Elmer's Repositionable Designer Masking Tape.  Viva Las Vegastamps! Tangle 4 1/2 x 5 3/4-Item 18799 Plate 1423.

*I used Plike paper, but you could use any cardstock to get similar results.

Stamping on McCalls Dress Pattern Paper
In the same Plike Swatchbook, I colored a page using some acrylic paint pens.  The color was fantastic, but I really hated the layout I'd chosen.  I wanted to use the color somehow, and had the idea of stamping on tissue paper and taping it over the Painter penwork.  Unfortunately, I had no tissue paper.  

However, I'd just received a package and the shipper had used an old McCall's dress pattern for protection.  Tissue paper, right?  And the dress pattern and instructions printed on it added a some extra interest.  I just stamped, cut out the image and taped it over the original drawing.  

Supplies: Staz-on Midnight Teal stamp pad; McCall's Dress Pattern paper; Plike Swatchbook; Elmer's Acrylic Paint Pens-Pastel set. Scissors, Miracle Tape, Viva Las Vegastamps! Tangle  4 1/2 x 5 3/4-Item 18818 Plate 1425.

 Cut-outs from McCalls Dress Pattern Paper
I liked this Dress Pattern thing, and had the further idea of cutting out little critturs.  I saw tabby cas in the swirls of the top right stamp--yes, that is how my  brain works.  I saw cats as clearly as if they was meowing at me!

I outlined the cats on a piece of scrap paper with a sharpie marker.  After stamping on the dress pattern paper, I placed the outlined sheet underneath the stamped image, and traced the cats onto the pattern paper with a pencil, then cut them out.  Just to reduce the waste, I cut some circles--cat toys--as well.  I glued them all onto a black page painted with a background of Twinkling H20 watercolors.  My scanner can't pick up the shiny colors, but they are much more sparkly than it looks here.

As a last step, I outlined the cut-outs with a metallic gold gel pen.

Supplies:  Ranger Big & Juicy Waterfall stamp pad;  Plike Swatchbook;McCall's Dress Pattern,Twinkling H20's Carnivale set; Sakura Metallic Gold Gellyroll pen, Scissors, Elmer's All-Purpose Glue,Viva Las Vegastamps! Tangle Design 4 1/2 x 5 3/4-Item 18797 Plate 1424.

I've also been using these stamps for embossing.  I haven't finished the swatchbook page, but it's going to be cool.  On the right, I was playing around with a small pocket folder (that I'm turning into an art journal--I seem to be stuck on that theme, lol).  I thought I had picked up my Ancient Copper embossing powder, but got the silver instead.  I think the Copper would have looked better but I'm still happy with the way it turned out.

Supplies: VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad; Judy Kin Embossing Powder-Chablis; Ranger's Embossing Powder-Snow White;Stampendous Embossing Powder-Aged Silver; Plike Swatchbook; Exacompta Basic Pocket Portfolio, Viva Las Vegastamps! Tangle 3 1/4 x 4 1/4-Item 18812 Plate 1426 & Bird Thingie 3 1/2 x 2 3/4-Item 18821 Plate 1425.

The Giveaways 
One winner will be receiving a Set of Seven unmounted VLVS! Stamps based on my Zentangle®-Inspired Artwork..  The other will win a Set of four Wood-mounted VLVS! rubber stamps, 2 of which are based on my Zentangle-inspired artwork, and a signed copy of the Summer Rubber Stamp Madness magazine!

Head over to Life Imitates Doodles for a chance to win!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk...an old movie I watched years ago.  It had Elizabeth Taylor playing the female lead.

Did you know that VLVS has Animals of ALL types???  Realistic images, cartoon images, animals with their habitat background, and even Steampunk animals!!!  I really LOVE the variety and choices of images VLVS carries - sends my imagination on overdrive!

I would like to share the "polish stone" technique with you using Kromecote cardstock and alcohol ink.

Back in the day, we used Tria refills.  Tria is/was alcohol markers whose colors were based on the Pantone Color System.  The refills were in big bottles but pricey.  One time a bunch of art pals in Ohio found an art store closing and we bought up all the refills at half price!!!  While I have a few bottles of  Tria left, I use Ranger's Alcohol ink and mixers.

VLVS Image - Elephant  Lifting Foot 8038

Other VLVS Products:
Kromecote Cardstock - link is for 81/2 x 11 sheets, comes in other sizes too

Basic Ink Application:

In the old days we used a block of wood with "hook" of Velcro and felt to the wood.  Then proceed.  Thanks to Tim Holtz, we have an applicator with little felt pieces. 

When I went to Ranger U in 2005, Tim told us to bring the alcohol ink bottle to the felt an then tilt and squeeze 3 times.  Most people including myself used to hold the bottle over the felt and let the color drip out.  Tim says you don't waste ink this way and get the felt thoroughly saturated.

The first step is to add the color(s) of alcohol ink to the applicator.  For this project I used Butterscotch and Ginger.

Photo from book Creative Art Concepts of Papercrafts
Place the Kromecote cardstock on a surface with paper under to catch over-color.  I like to use Ranger Mixers or Krylon Gold Pen to add lines and veins to  background.

After adding alcohol ink to the applicator, pounce the applicator on the surface, turning the applicator left then right so that you have a mixed pattern.  If you go over an area you just colored, the area will change and break down to a new pattern.

From the book Creative Art Concepts for Papercrafts

Finished look is like marbled stone.   That is why I like to add the veining.  Gives  an even more dimentional look.

Kromecote cardstock is the PERFECT glossy surface for this technique.  It is supreme amongst all glossy cardstock.  I suggest this cardstock for dazzling results.  If you do not have alcohol ink, try using any VLVS image and use dye ink (Scroll down to Inkit ink by Ranger).  The color POPS!!! 

To finish the card, I die cut the polished stone cardstock and layered with others.  I stamped and cut the elephant (tons of other elephant images to select as well) and collaged it to the art.

Because the elephant is gray, I stamped it on other cardstock, BUT, if you have one of VLVS tiger or lepeord images, stamp it directly on the polished stone cardstock and cut out!  No coloring necessary and beautiful results.  I am going to order a tiger or lepord and later on will post the results for you to see. 
 So there ya go, another fun technique!!!  Mix it up with your stash of VLVS images and create a new look just by changing the technique with the stamps.  I am SO addicted to VLVS images and can never have enough!!  Ok I'm OCD when it comes to stamping, and I am glad VLVS has so many images to fill this NEED, ha ha. 

If you'd like to see another technique with your VLVS images and shrink plastic, please check out the book, Creative Art Concepts For Papercrafts, by C&T publication - who supplied a couple of the photos.

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Designer Post #2

It's time for the 2nd post of the month from our Guest Designer Gabi!!

 Don't forget Gabi's blog can be found HERE.

Our Guest Designers are only asked to do 2 projects, one for each post, but Gabi went above and beyond and did TWICE the amount.. so I have two more pieces to share from her today:

 She used our:
Balloon Airship - 3.25" x 5" - $14.25
Accordion Player and Fan - 2.5" x 3" - $10.00
for this beauty

 and for this vibrant tag she used
Nesting Gears - 2.75" x 3.75" - $11.50
I've been Steampunked - 1" x 1.75" - $6.25
Rabbit on Bicycle (small) - 1.25" x 1.5" - $6.25
Thanks so much Gabi!! Your work has been beautiful and I've really enjoyed sharing it with the VLVS! Fans this month. ♥DeeDee

Swipe, swipe, swipe.......

....swipe.....that's music to my ears.

It's the sound my credit card makes when I make a purchase 
using a card reader at the register. 

Who doesn't love to shop, well.......besides most men.

Isn't this the cutest evah?????
When I saw this stamp I couldn't help but think of coloring it pink.  
It reminded me of some posh celeb that doesn't want paparazzi to bother them, so they 
dye their dog pink to go in cognito......Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!

Viva Las Vegastamps! has some of the cutest and most unsual stamps around. 
You can SHOP for them HERE!!!!
You can click below and it will take you right to the stamps I used above....
But don't forget to mosey around and find some other goodies!!!!

There is an 'old' movie I remember watching as a re-run one saturday when I was a kid that had a blonde woman in it that loved the color pink.
EVERYTHING, and I mean everything was painted pink.  
I believe it was an old 50's movie.  It drove her man in the movie NUTSO.
I think he killed her in the movie....oh well, 
 someone will remember the name and let me know.

Now me personally, I don't have quite the fondness for pink like a lot of crafters.
I've seen room after room after room that they designate for crafting, painted pink.  

Colors do affect your mood somewhat.....
below are some things that I found. 

Of course we all know pink as the true girly-girl’s favorite color, but it’s also associated with romance and happiness. Pink is very calming, so don’t wear it if you need tons of energy. While pink's calming effect has been demonstrated, researchers of color psychology have found that this effect only occurs during the initial exposure to the color. When used in prisons, inmates often become even more agitated once they become accustomed to the color.
Pink is thought to have a calming effect. One shade known as "drunk-tank pink" is sometimes used in prisons to calm inmates. Sports teams sometimes paint the opposing teams locker room pink to keep the players passive and less energetic.

Previously my studio was painted a pastel sage green by the previous owner and I HATED it.  Come to find out that green is in fact a nauseous color....it can make you actually feel sick.  
                  So then I painted my room a very calming AQUA BLUE

The color of the sky and the ocean, blue is one of the most popular colors.  Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, so it is often used in bedrooms.  Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty. People are more productive in blue rooms.

Blue is one of the most popular colors, but it is one of the least appetizing. Some weight loss plans even recommend eating your food off of a blue plate. Blue rarely occurs naturally in food aside from blueberries and some plums. Also, humans are geared to avoid foods that are poisonous and blue coloring in food is often a sign of spoilage or poison.

So think twice before painting your walls...but I say if you LOVE a color then go for it. It will make you the happiest in the end. 

Until later, colorers...........Gotta split.......TFL!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, let me count the days!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's nearly the end of July and for my family that means a fast dash to the end of the year! We start school in less than a month. We have classes, concerts, games, and carnivals. Then Halloween then Thanksgiving and then the winter holidays. whoosh! Where did the end of the year go! I think it goes in warp speed but my kids are forever asking "when is...". 
I've seen these count down calendars all over the net and decided this would be PERFECT for the "when is" faction in my house...They're super easy to make and with the vast array of Viva Las Vegastamps! you can keep up with every season!! 

The Process

For this project you will need:
A frame with glass of your choosing [mine is 4×6"]
a variety of inks including versamark for the glass

Remove glass from frame and clean with moist wipe.
Stamp images with versamark to "frame" the edges.
Cover with Embossing Powder--clean up powder along
images with a soft brush to remove powder from where
you don't want it.
Heat thoroughly to insure all the EP melts.
Give the melted EP about a minute to set...then dust with
Terri Sproul Mixers--I used Bronze but you could use any.

Dust off excess and return to pot. Wipe the glass again
with a moist towel to remove un-attached powder. I zapped
the embossed images with a heat tool one more time to
permanently set the EP with Mixers.

And now for a count down

Now return the glass to the frame. You are ready to make count down pages! You can count down to ANYTHING. I made a count down to Santa's arrival and one to the first day of school. Change the stamps and papers/backgrounds to match your countdown. Use a dry erase marker to write on the glass as your number changes.

Santa's background was made with the Snow background
stamped with versamark and dusted with silver and aquamarine
mixers. He was stamped with Archival ink, accented with
craypas, The Santa's Coming sentiment was stamped with
red and a green 2nd generation image of the oval doily was used
as a frame. The count down takes place below the sentiment.
For the beginning of school a primary background was made with Distress inks and
then the pens were stamped with blue, the oval doily in red, and School in...__days
was hand-lettered. The count down is written in the "hole" created in the oval.
Thank you for looking! I hope you enjoyed my projects as I try to quiet the "when is" faction in my life! ~leslierahye