Friday, July 06, 2012

Beautiful Women

VLVS Stamps:

Miracle Tape

Beautiful Women seemed very cheap way back in more than one sense of the word, ha ha!  VLVS Victorian images lend themselves so well with all sorts of layouts, from steampunk, cards, and more! 

There are a couple important points to this card.  I took the whole Beautiful Women images and cut it up - the woman herself, the price, and the words.  I used the words as a background strip, and I cut the price like a little price sticker you would find in a store.

The next thing I did was turn 2 small doilies, and 1 medium doily from plate 1427 Mary Vogel Lozinak and made them into flowers.

I used a technique DTR - Direct To Rubber using watercolor makers.  I used 2 shades of blue to color on the rubber.  I used the darker blue first and did the very center of the doilies and the very edge of the image.  I used the lighter blue to go over the the whole image pulling some darker blue out so there is no line of demarcation (blending the colors) together. 

Don't worry that your light marker is ruined, just run it on paper until the original color comes back.  Stamp the small doily 2 times, and the medium one, 1 time. 

Cut them out.  I colored the back of the images and used a wet brush to move the color to blend.  I very center doily is colored darker and goes lighter as on the other doilies.  Crumble the wet doily images and let dry.   

When you open the doilies they look like flowers!!!  Punch holes in the center of the doilies and card, and add a brad.

Here is a side view of the flower so you can see the shading and dimension.

Another view of the Victorian woman.  I've recently went through my stamp stash and found a bunch of VLVS from ages ago (I mean like the 90's and early 2000's!).  I like to mix the old images with the new.  Keeps my creative juices flowing.

These doily flowers can be used on any image, it is fun to take an image and create an embellishment from it.

As always I cut images and try to look at them differently - try this and see what you come up with!

Cre8tivelea yours - Lea

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This is gorgeous!