Friday, July 20, 2012

Sea salt!

Today I played with some Kromecote cardstock. Kromecote is really fun to play with. It's clay-based cardstock. It make the ink with you use really pop! Its glossy one one side and matte on another. And it stamps great!

Today I'm going to show you a background I first learned many many years ago, When I took a Suze Weinburg class 12 years ago.The salt background technique. Know i know a lot of you already know about this technique. But I wanted to try it with the Kromecote.

I used 2 different types of dye ink pads (a rainbow pad by Kolidacolor (Bouquet) and a Distress ink pad (black soot) I will be playing with my summer distress ink pads soon! I also used 2 different types of salt. A rock salt and a salt used for pretzels. You can also use kosher salt and table salt. 

I first took a piece of the kromecote and cut it to a 2 1/2 strip. Next I  used my brayer and rolled some Black Soot Distress ink on it. I took a small water bottle and sprayed some water on it. I already got a cool effect with that from the distress ink. But I wanted to see what else it did with the salt. I sprinkled some rock salt on top of that. and let it sit while I was working on the other piece.

I then took one of the pieces of the Kromecote and brayed some of the Bouquet Kalidacolor on it. Sprayed some water on that and sprinkled some of the pretzel salt on it and let that sit.

Now you let it dry. But don't let it sit too long. It is salt after all, and it will eat at your paper.just enough til you see the color on the salt. then you shake off access.

Now i have backgrounds, now what to do with them. Here is what I did with the Black soot one after I cut it  to a 3 1/2 size for an atc

 When I was all dried I stamped the Water drop background stamp with clear ink pad and embossed with Ultra High Gloss embossing powder. I then stamped the rabbit in hat on white cardstock with a back vivid ink pad, I colored the bow tie and hearts with a red vivid marker. and the stars with yellow bic marker. I stamped the Do you Believe in Magic stamp on the same white cardstock and same ink pad.  (I see i forgot to color a star LOL) I did fussy cut the sentiment. I attached the words with Miracle tape

This card was rather quick once I picked the stamp I wanted to use. I stamped the Large striped butterfly  on the kromekote with a purple vivid ink pad. I found a paper that somewhat goes with the colors. I chose the paper from the Breath collection by Prima. I cut it down to size so it leaves a small border around the kraft cardstock card base. I distressed the edges of the paper with the Tim Holtz distress tool.  I trimmed down the butterfly a bit and distressed the edges. I edge all the edges with the same purple Vivid ink pad. I attached everything with Miracle tape.

Items used:
dye ink pads-rainbow pads or solid colors
salt-rock, table salt, kosher, etc
Purple vivid ink pad
Tim Holtz Distress tool
1 sheet of Prima Breath paper
Kraft card stock card base

Stamps Used:

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Sandra Strait said...

Wow! These came out fantastic! I've never had too much success with the salt technique. I'll have to try it on the Kromecote.