Friday, July 27, 2012

Elephant Walk

Elephant old movie I watched years ago.  It had Elizabeth Taylor playing the female lead.

Did you know that VLVS has Animals of ALL types???  Realistic images, cartoon images, animals with their habitat background, and even Steampunk animals!!!  I really LOVE the variety and choices of images VLVS carries - sends my imagination on overdrive!

I would like to share the "polish stone" technique with you using Kromecote cardstock and alcohol ink.

Back in the day, we used Tria refills.  Tria is/was alcohol markers whose colors were based on the Pantone Color System.  The refills were in big bottles but pricey.  One time a bunch of art pals in Ohio found an art store closing and we bought up all the refills at half price!!!  While I have a few bottles of  Tria left, I use Ranger's Alcohol ink and mixers.

VLVS Image - Elephant  Lifting Foot 8038

Other VLVS Products:
Kromecote Cardstock - link is for 81/2 x 11 sheets, comes in other sizes too

Basic Ink Application:

In the old days we used a block of wood with "hook" of Velcro and felt to the wood.  Then proceed.  Thanks to Tim Holtz, we have an applicator with little felt pieces. 

When I went to Ranger U in 2005, Tim told us to bring the alcohol ink bottle to the felt an then tilt and squeeze 3 times.  Most people including myself used to hold the bottle over the felt and let the color drip out.  Tim says you don't waste ink this way and get the felt thoroughly saturated.

The first step is to add the color(s) of alcohol ink to the applicator.  For this project I used Butterscotch and Ginger.

Photo from book Creative Art Concepts of Papercrafts
Place the Kromecote cardstock on a surface with paper under to catch over-color.  I like to use Ranger Mixers or Krylon Gold Pen to add lines and veins to  background.

After adding alcohol ink to the applicator, pounce the applicator on the surface, turning the applicator left then right so that you have a mixed pattern.  If you go over an area you just colored, the area will change and break down to a new pattern.

From the book Creative Art Concepts for Papercrafts

Finished look is like marbled stone.   That is why I like to add the veining.  Gives  an even more dimentional look.

Kromecote cardstock is the PERFECT glossy surface for this technique.  It is supreme amongst all glossy cardstock.  I suggest this cardstock for dazzling results.  If you do not have alcohol ink, try using any VLVS image and use dye ink (Scroll down to Inkit ink by Ranger).  The color POPS!!! 

To finish the card, I die cut the polished stone cardstock and layered with others.  I stamped and cut the elephant (tons of other elephant images to select as well) and collaged it to the art.

Because the elephant is gray, I stamped it on other cardstock, BUT, if you have one of VLVS tiger or lepeord images, stamp it directly on the polished stone cardstock and cut out!  No coloring necessary and beautiful results.  I am going to order a tiger or lepord and later on will post the results for you to see. 
 So there ya go, another fun technique!!!  Mix it up with your stash of VLVS images and create a new look just by changing the technique with the stamps.  I am SO addicted to VLVS images and can never have enough!!  Ok I'm OCD when it comes to stamping, and I am glad VLVS has so many images to fill this NEED, ha ha. 

If you'd like to see another technique with your VLVS images and shrink plastic, please check out the book, Creative Art Concepts For Papercrafts, by C&T publication - who supplied a couple of the photos.

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea


Sandra Strait said...

Wonderful technique! Thank you for sharing it! Beautiful card!

GourmetPens said...

WOW!!! I absolutely LOVE the orange marbled look! It's bright, warm, and beautiful!

BlueCrayons said...

just stunning. love how the orange pops out from behind the elephant.