Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hear Ye, Hear Ye...

Hello my fine feathered friends!

I hope everyone had a fun, safe July 4th.
I dd a 5k run/walk in the morning (mostly walk, as it was so darn hot),

picked up new family members in the after noon (three guinea pigs),

got together with friends for the evening, 

and watched fire works from my front yard at night.
It was a wonderful, exhausting day!

I have a tag for you today, using one of my
FAVORITE sentiment stamps!

All of my friends will tell you it fits me quite well!

So, I made a fun, brightly colored tag.

Want to make it?
Ok, then!

What you need:
Kromecote card stock
Alcohol inks
Black permanent ink (I used Memento)
Canned air
Embossing Folder
Die cut machine
Tim Holtz tag die
Oval die
Stamps- 18561 and 18367
Big flat beads
Black wire
Foam tape
Miracle tape

Here's what ya do...
 Die cut a tag from Kromecote card stock.
Drop Alcohol Inks onto tag, one at a time- 
Drop some onto the tag and then hit with a quick blast of canned air.
Repeat until you like the way it looks.
 Rub your black ink over the inside of an embossing folder.
Place tag inside and run through machine to emboss.
 Use Miracle tape to adhere a strip of ribbon across the top of the tag.
Add Stickles randomly on the circles on the tag.
Go eat a snack while the Stickles dry.
String some cool beads on the black wire.
 Die cut the ornate plate from the tag die using Kromecote paper.
Use alcohol inks on the plate.
Flip the oval over and stamp the sentiment on the matte side.
Edge oval with black ink.
 Use canned air and alcohol ink on another piece of Kromecote paper.
 Stamp this guy using your permanent ink.
Die cut into an oval.
 If you want you can carefully use a couple of markers to give him a little more color.
 Add the wire with beads across the ribbon, folding the wire around the back of the tag.
Use Miracle tape to hold the wire down on the back.
 Add the oval to the tag front.
Add the plate and insert to the tag front.
Put bling over the holes.
The last thing to do, use the foam tape to adhere this tag to another tag for stability.

Here's your wiener! 
Daisy dog taking a nap in mom's studio!


Amy Day Creates said...

Wow! I've got to try the alcohol ink/canned air technique! I used it once with clear Christmas bulbs in a class Joe Morgan taught, and it was pretty cool. Love the sentiment! I have to get me one of those!

Julie S said...

Ditto that! Perfect stamp for moi as I enjoy me weirdness immensely. Great idea to use canned air - hadn't thought of that.

Candace Jedrowicz said...

Really cute! Love your little Daisy!

Antoinette/Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Loving your tag with that psycodelic inking...very cool..and am loving Daisy..she kinka looks like my ms. Pepper who I loves very much