Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Puzzled about holiday gifts?

I am certain I am not the only crazy crafter out there that gets to July and thinks "Oh, it's time to start holiday crafting!" During the month of July in my own crafty world I spend much of the month dedicated to holiday crafting--challenges, streams, scrapbooking, gifts and decorations. A few years back I began making 80-90% of my holiday gifts handmade only. My family and friends appreciate the time I spend on them and I adore spending the time giving of myself and my creativity to those I love.
So today I share with you these fun puzzles that I have made with a puzzle diecut, antique book paper, watercolors and my current favorite holiday stamps. I hope you enjoy them!

for this project you will need
book paper
Diecut Puzzle
watercolor pen

Thank you for looking! ~leslierahye


Fab said...

Love the puzzles such a festive idea ! Very fun project ! Love it. X fab

Sandra Strait said...

What a cool idea!

Steven said...

cool, who makes the puzzle die?

Anonymous said...

Steven...THIS puzzle was pre-diecut from Want2Scrap [Donna Salazar Collection]...But Sizzix has a steel-rule die that makes a 6 piece puzzle--super cool!

Steven said...