Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Afterthought Mini ;)

Hello and Happy Wednesday!  Tina here today with a project that I hope will make you smile and say, 'yes', I've done that too.

I am a messy crafter, at least while a project is 'in the works'.  I don't throw anything away until I am POSITIVE that I won't need even the smallest piece.  Every scrap, every extra piece, every 'trial run mistake'.

I had just finished my VLVS projects for the month, (or at least I thought I had), and I was cleaning up my crafty disaster area, when I spied one of my trial run mistakes laying on top of my ink scrap.  And I thought, 'Hey, I like how that looks'.  Well one thing led to another, and BAM!  I created a Mini Album.  From clean-up to completed project in an hour.

Using all of the left over bits & pieces on my desk, I pieced together a fun little mini that will be used to keep memories of 'everyday' life.

Nothing was 're-created' for my pages.  Every page was created using scraps, mistakes, or ink off bits.  The only added embellishment was a strip of washi tape or two.  :)

(Note:  The base of some pages were included to 'hold' a picture or embellishment)

I am SO happy I didn't throw anything away.  I love the random-ness, and eclectic feel the album has.  It is a great compliment to the 'everyday life'. 

Have you ever created a project using the scraps on your desk?  Did you like how your project turned out?  Please share your projects...I'd love to see them.

VLVS Stamps used:
Whimsical Elephant
Banksy Rain Under Umbrella Girl
Dictionary Page
Directional Circle


Julie S said...

Wonderful mini! I am a big fan of keeping all of my extra bits too.

Tracee said...

I totally love this and yes I save ever last bit til the end. Never thought of making it into a mini though . . . Great idea Tx

KrissyClarkMcKee said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Some of my favorite projects have been from leftover scraps. I absolutely adore your creativity with this mini. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration!

Dorothy said...

That's amazing!!!

by belle said...

I love the mini and all the little bits and bobs!!

Annie Claxton said...

What a brilliant idea! I will definitely be copying, and I might add some of those last bits of my favourite papers from my scrap box as well ... thanks for the inspiration Tina :o)