Thursday, February 13, 2020

Causing a Scene

Hello VLVS fans!  Mercy here and I am super excited to share my new experiment.  While I have definitely used tissue paper in my craft projects in the past, I haven’t actually stamped directly on it. Being in the experimental mood, I thought I’d use the Whimsical Tree Lady as my focus image for this altered hoop design, and see where it went from there.

My idea was to layer the tissue paper across several inked layers, like a paper mâché meets soft fabric, with the image laying on the top tissue paper layer.  The result was a quilted pillow like surface that easily fits a small embroidery hoop frame.


Black Archival Ink
Dylusions  (or any brand) Yellow-Orange Watercolor Ink
Small 3” round wooden embroidery hoop
Copper Wax Paste
Several sheets of white Tissue Paper
White Butterfly Brad from Eyelet Outlet
Leaf Pins (I had these in my stash)
Die cut flowers
Yellow pearl embellishments
Clear Glue
Tim Holtz Saying

  1.  First, I took a sheet of white tissue paper and folded it down into a rough 6X6 stack.  There were about four layers that I used for the base and I sprayed the top with Dylusions Yellow-Orange Ink in the center, allowing the ink to seep down and spread, it was set aside to dry.  Taking a small scrap of white tissue paper and permanent black ink, the Tree Goddess was stamped, allowed to dry, then fussy cut out.
  2.  Using clear glue, pour a generous amount onto the center of the yellow inked stacked paper, spreading the glue out thinly.  Once spread, layer the stamped image across it, carefully flattening the stamped image and making sure there are no air bubbles, folds or excess clear glue underneath it.  Allow to dry.
  3. While the tissue paper is drying, gently rub some of the copper wax paste around both sections of the embroidery loop. Wipe off all excess wax so that it doesn’t stain or come off.  Get out your trusty small flower dies (or whatever flowers you have on hand that complement the color theme) and color in varying shades of blue to pop off the yellow-orange inks.
  4. Place the dried inked and glued tissue paper centered into the wooden frame. Carefully adjust for best presentation and tighten screws to hold everything taut.  Once in, take saying from Tim Holtz stickers, cut and place beside the stamped image.  Once glued down straight, arrange colored flowers and butterfly brad within the circle, then glue or punch down.  Add yellow pearls to the centers of the flowers, and pin through the tissue paper outside of the frame with the leaf pins.
  5. More embellishments can be added as well as distressing the tissue paper outside of the frame.  I decided to keep this one simple, celebrating the sentiment and the lovely stamp celebrating nature and woman. 
Hope you enjoyed this and it gives you some encouragement to stamp on different types of papers.


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