Friday, February 14, 2020

She was a dreamer ► Majo

Hello Folks,

it’s me again with a card for today’s special occasion. Yes, right on the spot.

 It’s Valentine’s Day

I started by applying some ink on my panel with a flower stencil and stamped the Scribble heart twice on top. 

The one on the the right hand side is a tad lighter; I stamped it on a piece of scrap paper first. I stamped the awesome butterfly on top and once more on cardstock, which I had inked very lightly with the same color Red. 

After fuzzy cutting it, I adhered the beauty to my card, stamped my sentiment and hope that my best friend will like it.

The Stamps I have used:

Sentiment from plate 1459
Butterfly Spotted

Thanks so much for stopping over, and Happy Crafting ♥


Lindsey said...

What a beautiful card!

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laixinjie said...

I saw it too late and did n’t give her a gift on Valentine ’s Day,I like custom made sweatshirts

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