Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Something Supernatural...

Hello Crafty Friends!!!

Tera Here...Today is a super fun one for me. 

I am a HUGE Supernatural fan!

Before you ask I can not pick between Sam and Dean, they are both yummy in their own way! But Sam's car..... OK so probably Sam if he comes with the car. 

(I've always loved a men with sexy black cars... aka Batman, Sam, I'm sure there's more)

Ok, Back to business...

Stamps Used:
(you are going to want them all so just get the plate it will be cheaper)
(all but the last 2 are on that plate of rubber!!)

I just love how this card came Together!

This one is gong to live with one of may patients, She is also a huge Supernatural fan, so I am going to surprise her at her next visit.

Want to recreate it?
Start with an A2 card Base, and some scrapbook paper.
 This piece is from a park lane paper pad ( Maps, Text & Ledgers)
I distressed the edges using hickory smoke and antique linen Distress ink and oxides. 
Then, I stitched around the outer boarder for added texture. 

Next, I created 3 tags for layering. I used inks in : Tuxedo Black Archival, Shadow Grey Archival, and Watering can Archival. 

I again distressed each piece with antique linen ans hickory smoke distress ink. 

Here you can see them all layered and glued. 

Ten for the final piece I glued the tags and Demon Hunter strip down using distress collage medium. 
For the car, I used pop dots to give added depth and interest. 

I hope you enjoy this too!

So, who wold you choose? 
Sam or Dean... or someone else?


laixinjie said...

These stickers are too artistic,I like custom made sweatshirts

ginag said...

Tera, love how you layout your tutorials, always very clear and easy to follow. Plus your commentary is always written with a great sense of humor, too. Great use of that rubber plate!
Carry on my wayward woman😁💞

Tera Callihan said...

Thank you!!

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