Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Creepy By Tracy Blackwolf

 Hello friends! 

Today I wanted to do a creepy art tag, so here we go....

So for this piece, I wanted the clown to be super bright and the rest to be gloomy. So I painted him in with 

Marker Forte re inkers. I like to squeeze some out onto my acrylic stamp block and use a bit water and a brush. After he was painted and dry, I fussy cut him out and set him aside.

I took a window baseboard and a mica tile and some clear holographic flakes to make my broken window. first I glued the mylar flakes to the inside edges of the window, let dry, and then used double stick tape for the mica tile. After it was taped down, I used a craft knife to cut a jagged hole in the "glass". Then more tape to stick the clown on, carefully pulling his hat flower through the window.

Yes, I did not like the first impression I got so I flipped the card over. At this point I added strips of foam tape to the window frame to give dimension from the tag. Next was to make the tag..
First I spritzed the tag with Speckeled egg spray, then I used a brush to pick up some re
inker of Weathered wood and dripped it from the top of tag. Next I did the same with black soot. I sprayed with a little water to make it run a bit and left it standing up.
I dried it with my heat tool and stuck the window with clown onto the tag. Found some creepy verbage stickers and that was it!
Hope you enjoyed~ until next time, Stay crafty!

Stamps Used:

Clown      7658

Other supplies Used:

Distress spray stain: Black soot, Speckeled egg
Distress re inker: Weathered wood
Maker Forte re inkers: Purple rain, Limewired, Rah Rah Skirt, California Love, Outrageous
Glitter hippo: Clear holographic mylar flakes
TH Frames Baseboards
TH Halloween verbage stickers
LG. Mica tiles for window glass

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