Monday, July 09, 2018

Whimsical Mail Art Monday with Elina

It's Mail Art Monday again!
I'm happy to share with you my latest stamped and colored Mail Art envelope:

Isn't this 'Whimsical Leaf Lady' stamp just so beautiful!

I decided to color my envelope with alcohol markers, so for avoiding the colors to bleed through the entire envelope I unfolded the envelope flat before starting. For stamping I used my stamping platform that makes the positioning of the stamps very simple. However, if you don't have one, don't worry; projects like this can easily be created without any special tools.

Starting with the largest image is always the safe way to go. If you at a later stage notice that you run out of space, you may change your plan on the fly and leave some of the smaller elements out. I planned to use some more stamps on this project, but soon realized that three stamps were just the right amount. There had to be empty space for writing the address, too!

For decorating the bottom of the envelope I used the simple stamping masking technique. The gray paper that I used for masking the Whimsical Leaf Lady was a page from a post-it notepad.

On the background of the Whimsical Leaf Lady image there are small circles. I replicated those on the background with my markers, connecting the upper decorative border with the main image.

Even if the envelope paper was not too thin, the marker color bleeded through. Not a surprise.

I did not want to leave the background that messy, so I covered the back of the envelope front with a self-made patterned paper. For this I used simple white printing paper, green stamping ink, and the 'Row of Scribble Circles' stamp.

I think the envelope looks now pretty good! The bleeded colors don't show through at all.

Hope you like my Mail Art project :)
Thanks for stopping by in our blog.

For this project I used the following VLVS! stamps:

Whimsical Leaf Lady Face
Doodle Frame
Doodle Flower/Garden
Row of Scribble Circles/Eyes

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Unknown said...

Very clever & colorful. I'd love to receive something like this in my mailbox.

Hope said...

Thanks for some ideas. Your envelope is just GREAT!

by belle said...

I love this envelope! The color combo is perfect forthe stamps you selected!!