Monday, July 23, 2018

Colorful Art Journal Page by Elina

Elina with you here today, sharing my latest art journal page. Hope you like it:

Whenever I do mono printing or stencilling with acrylic paints, I like to use empty art journal book pages for cleaning my brushes, stencils and brayers. It's an easy way to utilize the leftover paint, but more importantly I feel that it's often easier to start working on a new art journaling project when the starting point is not a completely white page. Sometimes the patterns and colors on a 'tool cleaning page' get a bit crazy, but there's always the possibility to add white gesso or other new colors on top.
Such messy and busy page was my starting point for my latest art journal page, too:

I started with adding white gesso on the middle part of both pages. Once the paint was dry I stamped patterns on it, using same colors than I already had on the spread:

For my main elements I chose three cute Leslie Wood images. Oh, how I love them! I stamped the cute 'Creepy Creatures' on heavy white paper, colored with my Promarkers, and cut out.
Fuzzy cutting the finest details like hair or antennas was too difficult, so I re-stamped the images on the page, and glued the fuzzy-cut images on top.

Before gluing down the 'Creepy Creatures' I added some stamped, colored, and fuzzy cut images on the bottom part of the spread. For colors I again chose similar hues than I already had on the background.

Then some finishing touches with a white gel pen and my page was ready. And I love it!

Here's a list of the VLVS! stamps I used for my project (click on the links for more product info):
Creepy Striped Creature by Leslie Wood
Creepy Fairy Walking Dog by Leslie Wood
Forest Critter by Leslie Wood
Writing Circles Background
Rows of Numbers
Staple X
Six Staples
Six Hexagon Background
Bamboo Stalk
Whimsical Triangle Banner
Handmade with Art
Her wings were made

Wishing you a wonderful, colorful day!


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