Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Aliens and Organizers.

Hello :-)  It's Mary joining you today to share a little VLVS 'stampin' love' in the form of a brand new organizer---ready to help me stay on track this year!!
It all started with an old book cover...
The aged look of this cover was far too pretty to cover completely, so I chose to use only a single focal embellishment.
I created a freeform heart from paper clay and stamped into it with my all-time favorite stamp lately, Cross Stitch.  White paint and some Lindy's Stamp Gang spray mist gave some fabulously bright color,  while a bit of black paint brought out the amazing texture the stamp left in the clay.

The inside cover was rockin' some amazing handwriting from the original owner, so I opted to keep it simple with more misting and a single image. 

How amazing is the Alien Circle stamp??  I think it adds a bit of mystery a la Area 51!
The divider pages were collaged with ephemera from Gauche Alchemy and some patterned paper from the 'ol scrap bin with a thin coat of white paint to unify everything.  I've repeated the Alien Circle and Cross Stitch stamps using Ultra High Gloss Embossing Powder and Staze-On black ink.  A bit more spray misting and she was finished!!
I absolutely adore mixing stamped stitching with the real deal! 
 I gotta say, I'm super happy with how it came out.  All that 'stampin'-stitchin'-painty' goodness is the perfect combo of function meets fab!
Ok guys, that's it for me.  Thanks so much for joining me today, and I'll see ya soon!!
xx Mary




Tera Callihan said...

Mary, this is fabulous! Now i need those stitching and alien!!!!

Sandra Strait said...

What an awesome organizer!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fabulousness, Mary!! :D Of course it's wonderful....you're the cleverest!

by belle said...

Love it!! Great use of the stitching stamp.