Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Double door notebook


I want to share with you my new little notebook.

Yesterday I received a parcel from DeeDee. 
There were stamps and cute little bird flamingos!

 All evening I looked stamps, not daring to do anything with them. Only segodyan evening, almost night, I made ​​this little double door notebook. 

The stamp on the cover  (Whimsical Diver) is very self-sufficient - it creates a mood!

 Last time I like to do things as if someone had carried in his pocket a month or two ...

 This stamp was too clear and detailed, so I had to try to give it a bit of vintage.

To start, I took the black distress ink, then I made the hot embosing using transparent powder. I think the result was just my desired effect!

Notebook is made very simple and unpretentious, but for some reason he is very cute to me))

Thank you all so much for joining me at this post))


Michelle said...

Wow. This is sooo awesome! I love it!

silvergran said...

Fantastic! A great look for a neat book!!

Sandra Strait said...

It is a cute notebook! I love the format and the vintage look!

Tera Callihan said...

I LOVE it!