Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hi Hermine here. First of all I want to wish you all the best for this new year. And as you know I love to make books and journals. And since a couple of years I make my own photo album for the vacation. This time my inspiration came from the inspiration board for January. Please don;t forget to enter :o)

Make your own book or take an excisting one. Put a layer of gesso on the cover (front and back) then sponge with Adirondack Mushroom, take M'xed Media Inx Jasmin and sponge the middle part. Stamp with Adirondack as well as with M'xed Media Inx the blowing Dandelion with seeds 19045 in the middle part on the right and left hand side. Stamp with Stazon Jet Black the Windmill scene 19124 and the Lighthouse scene 19125. And the swirl 17401 to fill upo the gaps on both sides. Take some washi tapes to enhance the whole cover. Ty the ribbon.

If you are more of a card maker this will look awesome on a card as well.
Take a piece of card stock and use the crafsheet technique to put on some colour with Adirondack ink. Sponge the middle part with M'xed media Inx Jasmin. Stamp with the same colour Adirondack the blowing Dandelion with seeds 19045. Then take Stazon jet black and stamp on the lefthand side the windmill scene 19124 and the vintage trycicle 19296 and again the swirl 17401 to fill up the gaps. Use some washi tapes to enhance the card. Glue the card with mircale tape onto a double aquare cardstock. Don't you think my washi tapes match perfectly.

Don't forget to enter the january challenge. You can find the inspiration board and information overhere.

Used stamps:
Blowing Dandelion with seeds 19045
the windmill scene 19124
Lighthouse scene 19125
swirl 17401
vintage trycicle 19296
Stazon jet black

Miracle tape


Gerrina said...

Prachtig! Wat een mooie collage van stempels! Fijne dag verder, Gerrina

Chrissy said...

Love how it looks and the technique for sponging with the Adirondack pads is a smart one. Thanks for sharing and a Happy New Year to you too.

bockel24 said...

this is soooooo beautiful, Hermine!

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Again great creations Hermine!

Tera Callihan said...

Beautiful book!

by belle said...

I am always awed by your work!! Thanks for the inspiration!!