Monday, June 24, 2013

Button Button.. Who's got the button? {A Button Fairy Swap}

Hiya folks!!

Today I'm sharing an overabundance of beautiful art! Here are the results of our VLVS! Button Fairy Swap! We had an astounding number of participants and each day a new fairy arrived on my desk I was in total awe!!

Let's go to it shall we? Here they are in alphabetical order:

This blue boy is by Anne Squire -- this stamp is long retired but still a  favorite among those who snatched him during his sale days!!

 Autumn Renault sent in this beauty! The wings on it are all metallic and glossy - super cool! She kept the Bandana Dog as the focal point for her fairy.

 Barb Rankin chose a glorious steampunky style using our Vintage Fan Lady on a Balloon stamp. The feel is vintage, nostalgic, and super pleasing.

 Cheryl Lindsey wows us with this monochromatic gal.

 Chris McAdams used our Brick Background stamp to create the luxurious texture of her fairy's wings.

 I decided to use our newest Octopus/Cephalopod stamp as the being portion of my fairy.

 Gerrie Johnnic's fairy is sure to delight and create whimsy with the Skinny Girl.

 Jennifer Walker used our Crackle Background to add some enchant to her wings.

 Lyneen Jesse has a love for steampunk and her use of our Steampunk Couple shows it! Metallic-y goodness all around.

 Mary Vogel Lozinak is always a hit and her Clown Face button fairy is hilarious! 

 Michele Kosciolek used our Corset stamp and molded her own fairy heads!!

 Sandra Strait is astounding as usual with this Steampunk Dog Face canvas piece! 

and Shawn Hayden used our Weeping Angel Child  stamp(That split tail is AMAZING!) to finish us off! Fitting as that's the end of our button fairy swap.

But never fear!! We have ANOTHER swap going on ALREADY!! We'll be altering MATCHBOXES! So join us in our facebook group, read up on the info and let us know if you'd like to participate!


Sandra Strait said...

This was an amazing swap!

Barbara Rankin said...

I agree with Sandra. Every piece was simply amazing.

Jean Bullock said...

Way cool!