Sunday, June 02, 2013

A day late but not a dollar short!

I am all aflutter because today yesterday is was National Butterfly Awareness Day! The main purpose of National Butterfly Awareness Day is to raise peoples’ awareness of Butterflies and their importance as pollinators in nature.

There is however one group of people who already know the importance of Butterflies – CRAFTERS! I can say with 100% certainty that each and every one of you has at least one Butterfly in your stash! Who am I kidding? You all have dozens, if not hundreds of Butterflies flying around your craft room.

Butterfly paper, embellishments, punches, dies, stickers and stamps. But, if you feel you might be lacking in the stamp department check out the selection at VLVStamps. They have 79 Butterfly Stamps for you to chose from, plus 4 Caterpillar Stamps.

THIS is one of my favorite butterfly quotes. I may be known as the EllenBee, but Butterflies are a close second to being my favorite insect.

I used a piece of leftover corrugated cardboard, a scrap of Prima Paper, leftover lace and a bit of ribbon to make this very simple wall hanging. I rubbed white paint onto the corrugated cardboard then added two layers of distressed pretty paper and a handful of paper butterflies. In the center is a journaling spot that I carefully stamped and then EMBOSSED.

The Metamorphosis of butterflies is one of the mysteries of Nature. The ability of these insects to change from the crawling caterpillar to the flying adult is magical. I believe it Butterflies, do you?


Unknown said...

This is soooo pretty! i love the black and white combo. So creative. BTW, I couldn't find the post with the OWH Blog Candy winner for May 25th post. Could you direct me to it or let me know who won?

AnyOldCraft said...

This is beautiful and you are absolutely right of course and I would be surprised if I haven't at least 10 butterflies floating around LOL

Molossus at Life Imitates Doodles said...

Beautiful sentiments for a beautiful wall hanging.

barbara macaskill said...

I can't remember the last project that I did without at least 1 butterfly on it! I am so in love with these beautiful creatures! TFS!

Chark said...

gorgeous! love how beautiful the colors are!