Friday, June 21, 2013

put on your apron and make art....

or take your apron and do some art on it hahaha. Hermine here and I can tell you how much funj it was to make this project. Alwats forgetting to put on my apron when making art, so there are many stains and spots of ink and paint on my cloth. Now this tailor's dummy is in my artroom and hopefully it reminds me to put my apron on.

Step 1: mask around the pocket with painter tape and put some gesso on the pocket. When dry put different colours of acryllic paint on it.

step 2: remove the tape and use the same colours to put several of colours of acryllic paint randomly over the upper part of the apron. Put some paint on your hand and make a print on the apron on the left hand side and again but only a few fingers just above the pocket on the right hand side.

step 3: use Stazon jet Black to stamp with. Stamp the Bird with hat 18890 on top of one of the finger tips. And stamp the sitting bird 18889 and the Pointed Pen tip 18793. Colour in with waterproof markers.

step 4: Take some M'xed Media Inx jasmin and stamp Birds in Treehole 19065 partial on the upper edge of the pocket, and take the number 24 of the december daily plate 1430 and stamp on it with M'xed media Inx red.

step 5: Trace around the hand and fingertips with a black waterproof marker. Take some red paint, make some drips at the en of the pointed tips and splash some over the apron.

Won't I look smart in it and doing some fun stuff and making art :o)

Used stamps and other materials:
Bird with Hat 18890
sitting bird 18889
Pointed Pen tip 18793
Birds in treehole 19065
December daily plate 1430
Stazon Jet Black
M'xed Media Inx
cotton apron
acryllic paints


Наташа Бумага-Марака said...

Jast: AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Tera Callihan said...

Very nice!!

Sandra Strait said...

So beautiful! I'd hesitate to wear it for art--I wouldn't want to get stains on it!

Julie S said...

I love this project! I never thought of adding gesso to my apron. Can't wait to do this.