Friday, June 28, 2013

Up To Bat {Our New Design Team!}

I'm super stoked to reveal our new line up! They are UBER talented and will have TONS to share this term! Here they are! I've asked them all to finish the sentence "I stamp..."
The Design Team for the July 2013 term is up as follows:

Amy Lassiter -- a brand new hitter
"I stamp -----because it is an addiction that feeds my creativity, and augments any project my imagination dreams up."
--her blog--

Glenda Tkalac -- a returning home runner
"I stamp because it makes my heart happy!"
--her application post--

Hermine Koster -- a returning home runner
"I stamp to create, to relax and  have fun."
--her application post-- 

Karen Knight -- a brand new hitter
"I stamp because being creative makes me happy."
 --her application post--

Lea Cioci -- a returning home runner
"I Stamp because it is an integral part of who I am.  How I express my soul."
 --her application post--

Natasha Serova -- a brand new hitter
"I am a stampаholic & stampamaniac"
--her application post--

Sandra Strait -- a returning home runner
"I stamp when I need inspiration or when I'm feeling inspired.  The rest of the time I just stamp because I want to!"
--her application post--

Susan M. Brown -- a returning home runner
"I stamp in the dark"
--her application post--

I'm super excited to move forward this term and share with you the work by these talented artists. We have LOTS coming up and I know it'll be a great six months.


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to join this team of uber talented ladies!

Gerrie Johnnic said...

Congrats ladies! I stamp and drink so I can create. lol

Glenda T. said...

Welcome new and returning ladies, super pumped to be on this team again!!

Karen said...

so excited and happy to be a new member of this wonderful group over very talented ladies!

МамаФиалка said...

Наташенька поздравляю!удачи!!

МамаФиалка said...

Congrats ladies!

Tera Callihan said...

Congratulations ladies! I look forward to seeing all of your creations!