Monday, April 22, 2013

Upcycling Packing Tape Spools and Celebrating Earth Day

Welcome to Viva Las VegaStamps! and Happy Earth Day! Today we are proudly participating in LeslieRahye's Second Annual EARTH DAY Bloghop. Susan here to bring you my regularly scheduled "INKY" inspiration - with a RECYCLING twist for Earth Day! What do you do with the cardboard core from clear packing tape??? Stamp, ink and alter them and turn them into a fashion statement of course!!!

I've made a CHIC artistic bangle out of a recycled cardboard packing tape spool that I have collaged with hand-stamped paper misted with an iridescent shimmer mist, then adhered and sealed using Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer. The feature of my bangle is a fortune that I saved from a fortune cookie and a couple other stamps to create a decorative texture.

I cut a section away from the tube and cut the edges rounded.
I sanded the edges with an emery board.

On a strip of scrap patterned paper, I stamped I used Viva Las Vegastamps! patent stamp #1687 with waterproof royal blue ink.

I misted paper lightly with water to moisten.

Gently crumple the paper to break up fibers to that it is not so stiff - AND - it will give a nice suede texture.

I also misted with some bronze and also an iridescent mist to add extra shimmer and to bring out detail of distressed paper. I set aside to dry. 

I painted base layer of antique gold acrylic paint to the bangle.

Completed painted cardboard bangle - which looks lovely just like this! But this is just a starting off point...I want to make it more "ME". So I'm going to make it all painted and inky, too! 

Now I adhere the stamped and painted paper I prepared in the beginning. I cut lines into the paper around the rounded sides to get a smooth wrap-around. I mounted my fortune to a rectangle of chipboard and adhered to bangle with Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer

I finished off by painting entire bangle in a nice coat of Crystal Lacquer and stamped punched and mounted a couple of accent detail stamps; "Leaf Background #4366" and "Tribal Mask #15962"

My "Art-cycled" CHIC Bangle

My bangle is all artsy and recycled! It looks lovely...and is the perfect home for my GOOD FORTUNE "You feed your body every day. You must also feed your mind".

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Fab said...

Those are great !

Sandra Strait said...

What a fantastic idea!

Gia Lau said...

I really like your bangle- I save fortunes all the time then forget about them in the bottom of my purse. I am going to use them in some artwork from now on!

Anonymous said...

Great Bangles!

Jess B. said...

loooove this. I have many stored. Thanks for the inspiration!

Morninglass said...

Love it!

Robin Horasanian said...

This is a fun piece or jewelry. No one would guess tape roll. Beautiful recycling project.

Anonymous said...

Very original and very pretty.
You have a work of art with little cost. People won't believe that it is a packing tape roll.

Regena said... would never know what it originally was....ever!

Lyneen said...

You have inspired me... I have been saving the cardboard from tape thinking I would do something like this one day!!!! Maybe it is time!!!! These look great! Thanks for sharing!

Christine Kiehl said...

Wicked cool use of a recycled cardboard tube and fortune cookie slips! I save both!! I knew that the slips would come in handy some day!! WHoo hooo...This is a must do for this budding crafter. Thank you for sharing with us in so many pics Susan.

LeslieRahye said...

Great use of tape rolls: Thank you for being apart of my Earth Day Blog Hop!

Barbara Rankin said...

This is absolutely fantastic up cycled bracelet. TFS how you made it. You inspire me all the time. I may need to try making one for myself.

Chark said...

love, love, love!