Wednesday, April 10, 2013

treasure box

Hi Hermine here again! I made this box because I love giving presents and like to "wrap" them in an awesome way. I used an exciting template from a box I received years ago and altered it (more about that further along in my article)

Take a sheet of cardstock and stamp the pigs in basket (9686) with Versafine ob you paper. Then I took an excisting template and altered the size of the bottom part to fit the size of my stamp. Trace that part of the template with pencil. Stamp the pigs again on the other side. Mask the image and stamp the tekst  Don't follow your dreams chase them (19003).

Then take a scrap piece of vellum and put over the image, this way you still can see the image.

Cut this shape out and trace around it. Flip over to the other side so it mirrors it, this way when you fold the two parts they line up perfectly.

Cut out the whole template, score the lines and erase the pencil lines.

Colour your background and images. Stamp the sunflowers (19119)

Then I realised that I made a misstake. Because I altered the size of the bottom part I realised that I also should have altered the size of the side flaps (why is it that you ALWAYS find out you made a misstake when your almost done DUH!). That was so frustrating, so I thought two things, one: I throw it away and start over again (which I think is such a waste of time, effort and materials) or two: try and find a solution. I opted for the second option and made a link between the 2 flaps by making a template, this time carefully measuring with a piece of scrap paper, then when I saw that it could work I traced around it on cardstock, cut out twice, colour them and stamp the bricked background (19077). I love the way that turned out, so we don't call it a misstake any longer, now we call it a happy accident hahaha.

And here we are, an awesome little gift box, you can put some chocolats, money etc. in it

Used  materials:
Pigs in basket (9686)
Don't follow your dreams chase them (19003) also on plate 893
Sunflowers (19119) also on plate 923
Bricked background (19077) also on plate 917
May Arts ribbon

Hope you like my tutorial, and please remember one important tip: if you ever decide to alter the size of one part of a template please remember to do so with the other parts, it makes life so much easier :o)



Stamped Impressions said...

Wow! Love your creation!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Love the stamps of course and love the template
Thanks for sharing