Monday, April 01, 2013

Just Believe...

Hello, my darlings!
Aimee here, with a fun spring project!!
I don't know about you, but I am DONE with winter!
We did't have much snow to speak of,
but it was bitterly cold most of the winter.
At least if you're gonna make me freeze,
give me some snow to play in!!!
And, guess what we got on the first day of spring?
6" of snow, and a SNOW DAY!!!!
So, I am ready and waiting for warm weather, sunshine, and flowers.
I sure hope you like this!
Wanna make it?
Allllllllllrighty, then!
(Don't let the long supply list fool you, this doesn't really take all that long,
and substitutions are certainly do-able!!!)
You will need:
An unfinished wooden or chipboard frame
White gesso
Black gesso or acrylic paint
Water & paint brush
Crackle paints- Brown and Silver
Corrugated cardboard
Smooch Spritz- a couple of blues, a green
Smooch ink- lots of colors
White card stock
Craft card stock
Miracle Tape
Heat gun
Word stickers
Itty bitty butterlfies- mine are brads
Black pigment ink
Viva Las Vegastamps super gloss embossing powder
Wire and a bead
Light bulb embellishment from Prima
Craft glue

 Ok, here we go....
 Paint the frame with white gesso.
Dry with heat gun.
Scribble with Gelatos.
After you scribble the gelatos,
use a wet paint brush and smoosh them around until there
isn't any white left. Dry with heat gun.
Get a large paint brish wet and dip it into some
black gesso or black acrylic paint.
Fling it at the frame. Dry with heat gun. Set aside.
 Slap some gesso on your corrugated card board.
Dry with heat gun.
Spray with two blue Smooch Spritz colors.
Set aside.
 Cut a piece of kraft paper to fit the frame opening.
Spritz top half with blue Smooch color,
bottom half with green.
Dry well with heat gun.
Stamp daisies with pigment ink and emboss.
Stamp and emboss them again on a scrap peice of card stock.
Color with Smooch inks.
 Stamp and emboss the fairy on card stock.
Color with Smooch inks.
I also used a little bit of metallic marker.
Trim around her and put her on a piece of Miracle Tape,
then finish cutting her out.
 Place fairy onto the back ground.
Color and cut out one daisy from the card stock.
Adhere in front of the fairy with Miracle Tape.
Add butterflies.
Scribble some Smooch ink in the upper part of the
pretty little scene you've just created. Let dry.
Once dry, add your word stickers.
Once card board piece is dry, wrap wire around it.
Add a bead with wire, too.
Glue this to the side of the opening.
Glue light bulb embellishment to bottom corner of opening.
Add flowers.


And, here's your wiener...
Daisy dog trying to convince me to give up the homework and
go play outside.


Sandra Strait said...

I do love this!

Sandra Strait said...

Believe that Spring is coming with Aimee Fleck and VLVS!