Monday, May 15, 2023

Mail Art 'Follow your heart'

 Hello Everyone !

I'm back today with a second Mail art. This one was done roughly like the first one shared in my previous post. 

I started by creating a quick and colourful background, and a bunch of postage stamps die cuts using  scraps of watercolor paper. I used the same spray Izink Inks than previous (Seth Apter colors), playing with different stencils to make a change. If you missed my post at that time, you may want to have a look on it here.

For this mail art, I decided to play at first with the wonderful Lid Lady. I love this stamp! I just stamped her on one of my postage inked die-cuts in black, and embossed her using clear embossing powder.

Next after glueing it, I stamped in black Versafine ink Banksy pulling back the Curtain over it, at the left side.

At this stage, I made some trials of EP colors, to combine the image of the lady and also my background with the stamp Banksy Follow your heart, to bring it to light. 
I finally chose a combination of orange EP over a blue turquoise painted postage die-cut.

At the right side I added the Running lady below Follow my heart, with my Versafine 'Medieval Blue' pad.

At the end, I simply added a few more stamping here and there to finish the scene (with 'destination unknow') and to add even more interest to my background.

Et voila! :)

I cut one side of my envelope to drag into it the leftovers of my trials and remaining postage stamps die-cuts. 

Below the two envelopes, with all my lovely VLVS images stamped and heat embossed on my forged stamps that remain unused. They will be ready-to-use for another mail art project! :D

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