Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time Flies altered paint brush

Hi, Hermine here. And this is so true, time does fly because we are almost at the end of 2012, my last post for this year :o)

1. Take a cheap paint brush (for house painting) and dip it in to the gesso, make sure to cover the whole brush and between the bristles. Let dry for a couple of days. It will take a while to dry through and through.
2. Paint the whole brush,  except for the top handle because I liked the colour, with white acrylic paint. Dry with you heattool but keeping it a little to close to your work, so the paint with bubble and blister, it makes awesome texture.
3. Delute black acrylic paint with lots of water and brush it onto the white paint, this way it gets a distressed look and it highlights the bubbles, the metal part where the bristles are fastened into, the nails and stuff like that. (you can see the close-up of my second and third photo)
4. Put aside for a little while. Now you start on working on the stamped images. Take a piece of tissue paper and stamp the bird 19001 and the text Time Flies 19008 with Stazon Black. Cut the image out as near to the image as possible.
5. Take some gel medium and brush it onto the back of the stamped tissue paper and layer it down onto your brush. Do this very careful because the wet image is very delicate and will easily tear. I cut the two words apart so I could place each one of them on a spot I liked most. Give the beak and the feet of the bird some colour, I did this in red because it matches the top of the handle.
6. Make some shadow around the bird and the words with the deluted black acrylic paint.
7. Finish it of at the top with washi tape. And wrap the berries on metal wire around the handle.

Used materials from VLVS
Large bird flying 19001 also on plate 893
Time Flies 19008 also on plate 893
Stazon Black

Hope you all will have a great turn of the year and I want to wish you a very Happy New Year!!!




Ineke said...

This is create. Happy new year to you too.

Steph said...

Wow, this is so cool! Fabulous art :)

Sandra Strait said...

I love the sense of depth and texture!

suzieq23 said...

I hope you sent this to Donna Downey. She has an entire wall of recycled paint brushes. They are all wonderful as is yours. Drop by her blog to see all the other paint brushes.

Chris Arlington said...

Hermine, you never cease to amaze me with your wide variety of creative artwork.
Happy New Year !

Carly said...

this is absolutely AWESOME!
I love it!

Anonymous said...

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Stamped Impressions said...

Beautiful Project!! TFS!

Glenda T. said...

This is gorgeous!!!