Friday, December 14, 2012

Pin it to Win it!!

It just so happens that the BOSS has gone away on VACATION!! and that leaves ME in charge.. and I like to GIVE THINGS AWAY and give you DEALS! 

It just so happens our brand new plates have arrived, have been pressed, and are IN STOCK and SHIPPING.

Rather than change the price on all of them, I thought I'd extend to you, our loyal fans, the PRE ORDER pricing (20% off!) on stamps that are ALREADY here and ready to be MAILED to you! (lasts till Thursday next week... because that's when he'll be back after all!)

On top of that.. I'd also like to GIVE ONE AWAY! Fan's choice! Just pin this picture with the following message! 

"Pre-order pricing on #VLVS! stamps IN STOCK and SHIPPING! @ | Mixed Media | People | Steampunk | Vintage | Words and sayings PLUS SO MUCH MORE"

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!


Erin (CelticCrafter) said...

You rock, DeeDee!!! Just pinned it! :D

Antoinette/Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Hope they are having a fun vacation...while we enjoy some sweet deals.! Pinned it to Win it

MamaKaraba said...

LOVE Viva Las Vegas Stamps! LOVE to win free stuff!

Miranda said...

don't how or where to pin. sorry! but really love the gesture. let's send your boss away soon again ;-)