Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Year (Almost)!

My Christmas evening was spent putting together a card for the New Year.  It's hard to believe that we are just a few days out from ending one year and beginning about a wonderful time of transition lodged between two exciting holidays! 

For this I had to use the Moon Lady (Sleeping Lady Moon) who has been on my desk for a few months now, patiently awaiting her turn for ink and paper.  I also used my favorite image, Grumpy Moon (Scowling Moon) and a lovely new-to-me Happy New Year expression stamp.  Both Lady Moon and Grumpy Moon were stamped and embossed with Stampo's Ultra High Gloss Embossing Powder on Kromecote paper.  I trimmed both and colored in each with Copic markers.  From there, I layered various decorative papers and applied a splash of glitter glue to punched snowflakes.

Happy New Year!


Sandra Strait said...

Beautiful Card!

Eggs with Toast said...

I love the colors of the card, it's pretty cool too. Oh, and Happy New Year! Time goes really fast..


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