Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Sailor Says "Brandi....."

A journal page does not necessarily have to be created with "real" things happening in your life.  I like a surrealistic point of view.  I used to draw people and friends would say "who is this?"  Well 99% of the time, I've made up the person. 

VLVS gives me the tools with their images to create a surrealistic point of view without having to draw myself.  I LOVE IT!  I've made up my own story to the song "Brandi," which I believe was out in the late 60's early 70's.   The sailor says his life - his love and his lady is the sea.....but what is in the sea?  A beautiful mermaid.  So I changed the story a bit!

Creating this page took some time and planning.  I used various techniques with MicaColor Watercolor Palettes, Jewelz mica powder (great over the watercolored sand for texture) and overlap stamping for the sea.

I bought the unmounted version of this stamp and overstamped slightly on the edge to create the water.  By using a white gel pen and MicaColor watercolor, you can achieve the look of continuous waves.

For the mermaid, I cut the bottom of the tail and used my Miracle Tape to adhere to the water.  I positioned the mermaid parts in a way where the waves are lapping up.  It is to give the illusion that the mermaid is in the water and the tail is curved and coming out of the water at another spot of the sea. 
The sparkle of the sea and sky and texture of the sand does not show with the photograph.  Using Jewelz mica powder over the sand gives texture and sparkling dimension.  Add the mica powder while the watercolor is damp (not wet or you get a mess) and it holds to the surface.

A mix of stamping right on the page and stamping/coloring/cut-out, add dimension.   

VLVS Stamps Used:

18808  Mermaid  (Buying 1426 gives you 2 mermaids and lots of other images!)

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Use moments in your life, make up stories from your imagination or song lyrics....Express Yourself!!!

Here's the link to the YouTube Song:  Brandi

Cre8tivelea Yours,   Lea


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