Friday, August 10, 2012

Stampo's Cast of Characters!

Stampo our fearless leader is surrounded by all sorts of talented artists who create stamp images in all styles imaginable!!!  I have several books filled with images and I WANT MORE!!!!  ha ha Guess I am addicted.  Hope you are too!

This post brings us a wonderful partner, Exaclair - Clairfontaine.  They make the most awesome journals and sketch books.  The paper is high quality to work with all media you choose.  This paper also takes well to crisp, clear stamping as well!!!!!

You can see their products here :
brands_clairefontaine.shtmland on their facebook :

And check up on all things journal related @ the Rhodia Drive blog:

Comment and win a journal for yourself!!!  2 random comments will be selected!  Wonderful quality sketch paper and huge working surface.  Here is what the sketch books look like and a sneak peek at another post:

VLVS Images:
8173  If you Need Anything Words
8981  Lady on Phone
10726 Nerve in Tooth Words
 8856  Surprised Lady
9061   Lady With Glasses
8511   Happy Birthday You Old Fart (Only You Old Fart is used)
3611   Mr. DeMille Close up Words
7595   Jack Russell Dog
8054   Dog Valentine Candy
7253    Ruffled Collar Clown
10721  Crooked Face Man
7562    Moments Words (Cut out "Moments")
8690    Bearded Bicycle Rider
317      PMS Words
18331  Bizarre Words

Miracle Tape

This journal page was SO FUN and EASY to do!!!!  I drew rectangles in pencil - you may use a stencil or something to help get your size.  Next I colored each rectangle in and erased the pencil marks.

Stamp all the images (note: nothing is written in stone!  I stamped a ton of images and played around to see what fit the best in the spaces and contrasted the surrounding spaces.) and color using the media of your choice.  Use a good permanent ink when stamping so that when you color your image it doesn't smear.  If you'd like to stamp right on the journal, after the rectangle is drawn in pencil, stamp image, then color the background and erase pencil lines.  A couple images were done that way.

Cut out all the images and the words.  You can choose to stamp right on the journal paper, but I love collage and I cut strips in a natural way.  Use your Miracle tape to adhere images.  I did stamp little star images I found in one of my grab bags (a lot of cool sayings as well) to sort of tie in and further decorate the page.

Ok so this isn't a typical journal - I am journaling my love of VLVS and doing a layout that is sort of wise cracking in some ways.  It sort of tells a story with its images and quotes.  It is my homage to VLVS images and Stampo!!! 

There are NO RULES to journals, write about real things and stamp coordinating images, do surreal like this one, or make up a story or a feeling you have.  Art allows one to express what one is feeling and stamping with VLVS stamps are the perfect tools.

More journal pages to come!!  I know you have enjoyed the other journal entries by the other phenominal DT artists and stay tuned for more to come all August!!!

NOTE:  The title on the journal page was computer generated.

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea


Antoinette/Cultivate Life in Joy said...

what a marvelous idea..why didn't I think of my new collection of VLVS and love looking at them when on cards..putting them on a collection of pages is cutesy and marvelous..thanks for the inspiration..hope to do it on one of those journals

Sandra Strait said...

What a fantastic journal page!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Idea and too much fun! Love the humor and intense color!
Gotta Love Stampos VLVS!

Tarnished Rose said...

Awesome! You make me want to go and do that with my stamps!


LeeB said...

WOW, these images really jumped off the page, a great technique. Now I need to go and have another look at some of these images. Thanks for enabler alert, LOL.

LeslieRahye said...

fantastic! love the comic-book feel

Lyneen said...

For sure it has a comic-book feel... love your humor here!

bjw_draw said...

LOL :)