Thursday, August 16, 2012


We are only here on this big ball of mud for a short time....
so enjoy!!!!!

I hope my page reflects that sentiment and makes you want to go out and 

Harlee (my 13 yrs. old daughter) and I had a girls day, back in May of this year.
We went to lunch at a local Deli and then we perused all the local shops and 
then we decided to visit the local cemetery.  
There are some really old tombstones there and she and I both love looking at them.

Even at 13, she said its a very calming experience...... 
I {heart} that girl!!!!!

On the journal page above (in my new Clairefontaine journal)
 I used several items listed below....

Rubber stamps from Viva Las Vegastamps!
Film strip #18921 (which I stamped on velum using Black staz-on)
Clock hand 
Retro flower punch
 (dragonfly wings, tear drops and decor along side sentiment)
Inked background using a mister bottle with some ink dabbed onto wet surface.
Inked around pic and tree background with sponge and ink.
Miracle tape to adhere pieces to journal page.

Love how this turned out!!!!

Hard to tell from the pic, but Harlee is posing next to a tombstone that's carved to look like a tree trunk. It has a beautiful poem inscribed on it and she fell in love with this one. 
I have learned that most symbols on headstones are not just beautiful, or that the person liked that particular thing.  There are certain meanings behind those symbols.
 Here are a few:
Ivy - Friendship
Angel - Spirituality
Scroll - Symbol of life and time
Urn - Old age (morning if draped)
Lamb - Innocence

Well, a tree trunk represents "The beauty of LIFE"

I think I have found the tombstone for me when that inevitable day
happens and I'm taken from the standing up position.

Don't get me wrong...... I plan on going KICKIN' AN' A SCRATCHIN'
But when I do ...... I want that as a symbol of my life.
As artists don't we find beauty in the most unusual objects...

FYI: I have some hidden meanings in my journal page....
film strip (take many many pics of your loved ones)
Dragonfly (power of life)
Tears (for those that have left too soon)
Blue (sad to see them go)
Clock hand (time doesn't stand still)

Hope you enjoyed your short journey of my 
somewhat cluttered mind. 

Until later, beauty seekers........Gotta split (for now)...........TFL!!!!


Sandra Strait said...

Both a beautiful page and a thoughtful memory!

Antoinette/Cultivate Life in Joy said...

love this page so very pretty love all the special touches you put into it

Tarnished Rose said...

Wonderful page. I had to go back and look at it a second, third, and fourth time when you mentioned which stamps you used. Amazing.