Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Making a zine art journal with Josefine Fouarge

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the VLVS! blog. I just recently saw a post on social media about someone creating a zine art journal and I remembered how much fun they are to make. So, I decided that now is the best time to make another one ;)

If you are wondering what a zine art journal is, let me explain that briefly. It's a small journal made out of one sheet of paper. I found the pattern in a book on how to make books (I know ;) ) and have loved this pattern ever since. Super simple, you just need a pair of scissors.

I started this one from a sheet of copy paper that had printer settings printed on one side and some clean up stamp marks on the other (funny enough, those stamps are all from VLVS).

Once folded and cut, I picked a few Distress Oxide inks and smeared them on my glass mat. Then, I spritzed the ink with water and dragged my paper through the color. I repeated that a couple of times.

Not just with the Distress Oxide inks though. I also used some of Seth's new ink sprays. Same way - I spritzed the inks onto the surface and dragged my paper through it.

Then I used a few background stamps and added even more texture to the entire piece. That star you can see in the picture below was one of the clean up images.

By the way, that Mesh Texture stamp might be my new favorite background stamp...

Once I finished with the backgrounds, I focused on the front and back cover. I folded the paper in a way that the star appears on the front. Then I added a bunch of the flower stamps from Tina Walker to the front and back.

And then added a few marks with my chalk markers (also a new favorite of mine). 

I finished off with a sentiment and a few more doodles.

Here is the front.

And the back.

A few close ups.

Here are the three inner pages. All still empty, but I'll fill them for my next post. Stay tuned :)

Stamps used:

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you got inspired by this super fun little journal and want to try it yourself!

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