Friday, August 10, 2018

Twins on an art journal page - By Elina

Today I'm sharing with you my latest art journal page, filled with all my favorite elements: bright colors, lots of stamped patterns, and lovely main images (isn't that sheep stamp just adorable!):

My plan was to create a contrast between the colorful background and the quite monotonous main images. That way the page with lots of colors and patterns would not get too busy.

For coloring the background I used acrylic paints and a brayer. Once the paint was dry I stencilled white color on top (pattern stencil by Tim Holtz) and added different stamped patterns here and there. When stamping on acrylic paints I recommend to use a waterproof ink. We all have our own preferences when it comes to ink brands; my opinion is that on an acrylic paint surface StazOn works the best.

I have noticed that the 'Smear/Smudge' stamp has become one of my new favorite stamps: When using standing or sitting images on my projects, I prefer the characters to have something to stand on. This stamp is perfect for creating that kind of grounds!

With only one sheep image the page looked bit too empty. So the solution was to repeat the image, and to use two sheep instead of just one, Repetition usually works well on an art journal page!

For this art journal page I used the following VLVS! stamps:
Sheep with Legs
Bubble Wrap Texture
Punchinella/Sequin Waste
Rows of Numbers
Cross Marks Background
Doodle Frame

Hope my page inspires you :)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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