Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Create art every day

Hi Hermine here. This time I made a tutorial on how I made a pocket letter using a gelli plate and paint.

step 1 : cut a piece of paper in 9 sections and put some low tack masking tape on the back to keep them together

step 2 : put some acryllic paint on you gelli plate and put the paper on the gelli plate, do this several times with different colours

step 3 : take another colour and put a stencil onj top of the gelli plate, remove and put you paper onto the gelli plate. Then use the stencil itself to put on the paper, so you get a positive and negative print of the stencil.

step 4: stamp with Stazon black stitching lines 19642 on left and richt side and Sawtooth stitching lines 19643 on the bottom and top side

step 5: Before deciding where to put the images onto the pocketletter pieces I stamped them on transparant sheet so I can shuffle and decide to put which one on which place, see photo below.

step 6: put the transparant sheet on top of your background and see what look best, if your happy with it stamp the images onto the background.

step 7: I used Verdamark and black embossing powder to stamp the images, on 2 of the bottom ones I stamped: Whimsical honred boy 19688 and the text she was 19632  and an artist 19636 on each side.

step 8: on 4 of the pocketletters I stamped Whimsical lady on bench 19691 and the text create art every day 19637 on one of them.

step 9: remove the tape, make some white high lights with a sharpie and put then in the pockets

BONUS: if you keep a piece of paper by hand, so you can use the leftover paint from the gelli plate, and stencil you can create a second background and clean you gelli plate, stencil and brayer at the same time. Its looks great to start a new project. I haven't decide yet how to use it, make it into a journal page, cut them in four to make a series of cards or make another pocket letter. Time will tell.

Hope you like it.

Warmly Hermine
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Shilpa Nagaonkar said...

Brilliant idea and marvelous creation! TFS Hermine!

Susanne Rose said...

What a great idea Hermine!!! So cool!

Corrie Herriman said...

Lovely, Hermine !
Corrie x

Julie S said...

{{Gasp!!}} Brilliant! You've got my brain swirling. Too bad I have to head off to work in a few.

Robin Horasanian said...

Really cool pocket page. And thanks for all the great info.

RockPaperScissors said...

Great pocket page and wonderful tutorial! Thanks!