Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Inspiration piece september challenge

Hi Hermine here, made this card as an inspiration piece for the september challenge, hopefully it triggers you to have a go at the challenge.

step 1: take a piece of paper and spray with Dylussions spray at the top of the paper then hold it upright to let it droop down.
step 2: stamp with different colours blood dripping 18961. Then stamp the mason jar 18957 with Stazon Black and  May contain human flesh 18954 on the left side of the jar
step 3: stamp with Stazon on a seperate piece of paper the skull 2403, skeleton punk/Tombstone 860 and the fountain pen 439 and give both a little colour with colouring pencil and cut them out.
step 4: take a larger piece of paper and glue the background in the middle, then put washi tape around it.
step 5: put some washi tape with different patterns but all in black and white on the left hand side.
step 6: Take a black fiber and wind a few times around the card, a little below the middle.
step 7: Cut the skull in half and glue on half on the right hand side, then glue the punk skeleton on top of that. Glue the fountain pen on the left hand side.
step 8: take a black fine liner and draw lines on the coloured inner piece. Give the drips some accents with a white sharpie.
step 9: glue this on a double square black card.

And here is the mood board:

You'll have to the end of the month to enter, hope to see lots of great and scary entries. Look HERE for more information about the challenge.
Warmly Hermine

Used materials:
blood dripping 18961
mason jar 18957
May contain human Flesh 18954
skull 2403
Skelton Punk/Tombstone 860
Fountain pen 439

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