Tuesday, May 19, 2015

got the power

Hi Hermine here, this time I made a tutorial on a art journal page.

step 1: take a piece of grungeboard with circles, but still leave the circles in the background.

step 2: take a round sponge, put on 3 colours acryllic paint and drag along the grungeboard, leave it to dry by air.

step 3: push the circles out the background (don't throw away the background, it may will be put in good use in another project)

step 4: layer the circles and play around with the direction, because of the stripes on the grungeboard its fun to turn some of them to add more interest in the look of it.

step 5: take your blank art journal page and the round sponge and drag the colours from top to bottom on the richt hand side, do the same in the middle from right to left. Take several stamps from plate 1455 and stamp with Stazon Black. Stamp the Tape X 19572 and  stitching 19575 wit Memento Luxe pink

step 6: take a stencil from Donna Downey Studios and sponge with white gesso.

step 7: glue the circles onto your page.

step 8: stamp girl with wings 19005 on a seperate piece of paper, cut out but cut the wings off  also. Colour with Lyra crayons. Glue the girl on the page. Stamp with Stazon black the text You had the power all along my dear 19464.

Hope you like to see how I build up an art journal page, Always hard to make a step by step because with art journal pages I always go with the flow.

Warmly Hermine

Used materials



Wendy said...

Fabulous, love it! X

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Very nice. I love how you streaked with the paint. It really caught my attention on your blog.

Julie S said...

This is so beautifully composed. It really packs a visual punch.

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Amazing - love how you did this!! Thanks for the tutorial!

Gery said...

Great work, Hermine!

Priscilla said...


ionabunny said...

So cool. Love how you coloured the circles. Hugz

by belle said...

Stunning! Love the color combination!