Tuesday, May 05, 2015

concrete street art

Hi Hermine here, this time I made something to put in my garden, love street art and really love Banksy.

step 1: take a silicone ice cube mold and pour some concrete in it. Leave over night and then remove the puzzle pieces, leave it to dry (it can take over 4 or 5 days before its completely dry)
step 2: take 3 puzzle pieces and stamp with Stazon Black  and stamp Banksy Rat Gentleman 19606 on one, Banksy Tire swing boy 19600 on the second one and the word Banksy small 19597 on the third one.
step 3: put the puzzle pieces together and lay them somewhere in your garden for people to find.

Warmly Hermine

Used materials

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by belle said...

This is a fabulous idea!!