Tuesday, December 30, 2014

bye bye 2014 happy 2015

step by step:
step 1: Take a large wooden spool and four little ones. The large one I decorated with a origami fold ( you can find it here: http://www.minieco.co.uk/accordion-paper-folding-candle-holders/ ). I started with wh9ite paper and coloured it with different colours alcohol ink, then stamped on it with several stamps from plate 1455.
step 2: stamp the grunge 4 19455 on a seperate piece of paper, wrinkle it, colour it with distress inks and glue on one of the little spools.
step 3: stamp the grunge 2 19453 on a seperate piece of paper, mask of and stamp the paint brushes in jar  9235, cut out and colour with distress and a waterbrush. Do the same with the grunge 0 19461 and double coffee rings 19568, the grunge 1 19452 and pointed pen tip 18793, and the grunge 5 19456 and whimsical mouse 18755. Colour in with distress inks and waterbrush.
step 4: stamp the letters happy on craftpaper, using steampunk alphabet 5888, punch out with an inchy punch and make some highlights with a white gel pen.
step 5: take some twigs and spray them silver. Glue the images on the twigs and tie some string. Decorate the little spolls with some washi tape. Glue the little spools with glue dots on the large spool.

SEE YAH back in 2015!

Warmly Hermine

Used stamps:
plate 1455
grunge 4 19455
grunge 2 19453
grunge 0 19461
grunge 1 19452
grunge 5 19456
paint brushes in jar 9235
pointed pen tip 18793
whimsical mouse 18755
Double coffee rings 19568
Steampunk alphabet 5888


Art By Wanda said...

This is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri said...

this is amazing!

by belle said...

Hermine!! This is awesomely creative!! Love it!

Lori Comeau said...

Very cool projects.