Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things from the heart

Hi, Hermine here, I choose a heart because february is the month of hearts.

Step 1: take a wooden heart and mask off the areas at the top and bottom. Then take some acryllic paints and a creditcard and put on some colour.
Step 2: remove post-it and take a stencil, I used Colorbox M'xed Media Inx Jasmin to stencil the clock.
step3: take a piece of tissuepaper and stamp the dandelion on it, turn the tissuepaper and stamp again. Because of the transparency of the tissue paper the images are almost equal, this is an awesome way to mirror stamps. Ofcourse this doesn't work with text stamps.
Step 4: use some gel medium to glue on the dandelions. Use a little bit of acryllic paint to cover up the edges of the tissuepaper.
step 5: Stamp the text Dream big with the M'xed Media Inx Jasmin op the left side of the heart. Take a piece of washi tape (in my case its with butterflies) and put on the right side at the edge of the green.
step 6: take a piece of cardstock and stamp the unicorn, give it some colour with watercolors and cut out. Glue on the richt side of the heart with gel medium.
step 7: take a piece of string and tie through the hole. tread some beads on it, tie a piece of lace and a bow. Stamp the text Make a Wish on the bow with Stazon Black.

Used stamps:
Unicorn 19044
Blowing Dandelion with extra seeds 19045
Dream Big 19047
Make a Wish 19040
All those stamps are also on plate 918

May Arts Ribbon: ribbon, lace and string at the top of the heart


Willy de Bruijne said...

Wat een leuk idee weer Hermine!

Unknown said...

Just stunning! :)

Glenda T. said...

THis is gorgeous!!

anyjazz said...

Clever process!