Saturday, February 02, 2013

Home, Home on the Range

I am not a cowgirl. I prefer the city to the ranch, cappuccino to coffee brewed over an open fire and diamonds to turquoise jewelry.

However, I have an order for a Vintage Cowgirl Journal and wanted to give you a sneak peek at the wonderful stamps I found at VLVS.

For this project I started out by giving the tags and all the paper a bath of Vanilla Chai and English Breakfast tea with a bit of leftover Peet’s House Blend Coffee. Wouldn’t care to soak in it myself or taste test it, but I love the results.

After letting the paper and tags dry completely, I gave everything a few sprays of Glimmer Mist Copper. Then it was time to start stamping.

I used Cowgirls Rule! , Two Cowgirls , COWGIRL, and I Should Have Been A Cowgirl.

I added a bit of Washi Tape to the side of the page and I love the way this project turned out so much that I might have to reconsider my preferences. After all, horses are vegetarians so we do have something in common.
Don't forget to take advantage of VLVS FABULOUS Super Bowl Sale!!!! Gotta go's time for me to fill up my cart!


Sandra Strait said...

Awesome tags!

Julie S said...

That does sound delish! You're a mind reader...I've been lurking all around the western section trying to decide which stamps I need. ;)

altermyworld said...

love love love!