Thursday, October 20, 2011

Who's Your "Sugar" Daddy???

In the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock, this stamp collage piece is done "tongue n' cheek" with the screaming lady, who realizes her "sugar daddy" is a zombie.  By stamping  screaming lady to the right and in the front she looks like she is running away.  I
used the Masquepen so that I could stamp the zombie and tombstone words and not have the zombie covered in black ink.

VLVS Stamps  and Products Used:

Pointy Eared Alien Lady 10722 - Note:   I used her as the zombie guy

Other Products:

Cardstock, White, Decorative Purple, Decorative  Stripe, Word Paper, and Decorative Zig-Zag
Stewart Superior Black Memories Ink (VLVS Sponsor)
Colored Pencils
Epoxy Stickers
Black Bat - I cut from paper
Glue Pen just for loops of striped paper frame

As a mixed media artist who collages a lot, I like to even sort of collage with stamps.  There are various ways to do this.  This is the simplest because only one image overlaps. 

I start out by stamping out the images on scrap paper to see where I want to place the images and to see if any would overlap.  If they overlap, then I have to "mask" the image (in this case the zombie), so when I stamp "Return of the Living Dead," it won't mess up the zombie image.  So, I started with the zombie image and stamped it first on the upper left side with the black Memories ink.

I next used the Masquepen and filled in the head and shoulders of the zombie with the product.  Let dry.  Stamp "The Return of the Living Dead" over the top of the zombie's head and use your index finger to roll off the masque.  While the Masquepen has a fine tip, the flow was smooth and easy so it took no time to fill in the area to mask it.

Stamp the Sugar Daddy candy bar just below the zombie and the screaming lady to the right.  Use colored pencils to color the images like a cartoon page.  I only did a little bit of shading with a light and dark shade of color on the sugar daddy candy, a little bit on the screaming lady, and background.  Cut out whole art piece when done coloring.

Assemble to finish following the illustration above.  I used the purple paper first, adhered the word paper to the striped frame and then on top of the purple paper.  Then I adhered the stamped art piece and added embellishements.

Use Ultra High Gloss Clear Embossing Powder to work as a mask or resist.    The Skeleton Businessman was stamped first using PIGMENT INK.  Pigment ink is juicy and stays wet longer so you can then sprinkle the Ultra Gloss EP on top of what you just stamped an tap off the excess.  A heat tool will melt the EP to a shiny, epoxy-like surface.  
Stamp the words "Gossip" over the skeleton businessman with dye or permanent ink.  Because of the EP, the ink will not stick on it.  Use a soft cloth and wipe over the skeleton and the ink will remove!  Now all the gossip words are in the background.

Here is the finished art.

I did one more piece using the same stamps but making a paper wall hanging.  I cut out ghosts from The Robin's Nest Paper - one of VLVS sponsors.  Also from The Robin's Nests are Dew Drops - colored accents to coordinate with your art. 

Happy Haunting ~ with Viva Las Vegas Stamps!



Raquel Leal said...

Quanta dica útil. Obrigada, ficou realmente assustador!! Beijocas.

Stampo said...

What she said! Seriously, great projects, Lea. Thanks.

Lyneen said...

Love your collage pieces... especially your card... RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD!!!

Proxxon Tools said...

GREAT post....

RobinsNestOcrowley said...

This is out of this world!

Joe M said...

Great ideas Lea! Thanks for sharing! :-)

MaRyKaY said...

no way. return of the living dead! for real? man I gotta have that too. wow I'm lovin everything I'm seeing so far. glad I found you guys