Friday, October 22, 2021

Notebook by Arwen

 Hi Lovelies ❤

Today, I wanna show you my newest project.

I built a notebook with black and lots of purple 💜💜💜

And of course, I' ll have an instruction for you.

But first - the finished book:



   And this is, how I made it:

1.) I used cardboard and paper and cut it into the right size.

2 pieces of cardboard for the book cover and 80 sheets of paper.

2.) After cutting all the pages and the cardboard pieces, I used black paper to wrap the book covers.

3.) For the back of my book cover, I used a ribbon as a bookmark.

I placed it, in the middle of the top and glued a few cm.

4.) Time to finish the book covers, glueing in the right sized paper on the inside.

5.) Ok, let's put the single pieces together :)

I punched all the pages and the book cover with the Bind-it-all.

I also used book corners to protect the corners from wear and tear.

6.) The book blank is ready. Now it can be designed.

7.) I use a suitable piece of watercolor paper for the front of my book cover.

 Now the best part of any project - choosing the stamps.

8.) Let's bring some color onto this page. Result -  at the top of this posting 😺

All stamps I used:

- The moon

- Realistic skull

- Cemetery

- Raven in witch hat

- Bat

- Spider

- Scrabble Alphabet small

- Stay creepy

- The end is near

Other stuff:

- Cardboard

- Paper

- Black paper

- Staz on

- Distress Reinker

- Zutter Bind-it-all

- Binding wire

- Book corners

- Ribbons

- Canson watercolor paper

- Varnish

Ok, that's all. Hope you like it ❤

See ya soon


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Crafting With Jack said...

Love the background and the scene you have created. I think I will have a look at Bind It All.