Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Making Shrink Plastic Embellishments with Josefine

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Viva Las VegaStamps! blog. 

I am in a creative low. I only have little time to create and when I find a few minutes I seem to be overwhelmed and don't know where to start. That happens all the time though, so I prepared a few tricks to get my mind going. One of them is to pick something from my "new supplies" pile (how big is yours? ;) ). This time, the item I picked was shrink plastic. Yikes... I've never used it and it totally intimidates me.

So, I thought that I'd start with something simple. Just a stamped image. Maybe a few more, so I don't do one and then have to stamp another image. If I have a few ready, I might get into it.

I stamped the images using my Misti and StazOn ink. 

Then I cut all the pieces. I didn't even try to cut right at the edges. That plastic is rather thick and starts breaking when the scissor is at a too tight angle. Also, something that I learned during the process, the more intricate the piece, the more difficult it is to shrink it.

In addition to shrinking just a simple stamped image, I decided to color two of them using Copic markers.

And guess what... IT WORKED :D
I thought the sheep would end as a black blob, but you can actually still see the shape. One more tip: punch the holes for the embellishment before you shrink them. Much easier (guess how I know that....).

Now I got a bit creative. I dusted off an old jewelry making kit that had some earrings left. I think the sheep work great as earrings.

I have not done much with the colored images yet, but am sure that at least the silly reindeer will end up on a Christmas art journal.

This turned out amazingly crisp. I'm so excited about it.

And finally, the Ethos Door is now an embellishment for my zine art journal that I created for one of the last VLVS blog posts

What do you think? Fun project or not worth the time? ;)

Stamps used:

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Linda Web said...

Thanks for posting this...news to me! Can you possibly explain how you "shrunk it" and the maker of your plastic or a description...I just need some details, thanks! Linda W

HolyLise said...

Hi Linda, I used Grafix shrink plastic. After I stamped and colored the images, I pointed my heat gun at it. It takes a few seconds, but once it's hot enough it starts shriveling down and shrinks.