Friday, September 06, 2019

We all Eff Up sometimes...

Hi VLVS! fans! It's Cheetarah here today and I wanted to share a postcard with you I made inspired by a recent mishap. It does contain sensitive language but as you all know VLVS! does have a wonderful array of stamps to be very expressive in your artwork with. All the stamps I used are listed at the bottom of the post. 

My base is a 6x4 inch heavy stock watercolor paper by Winsor and Newton. I used ranger archival ink to stamp the Fed up Vintage Lady with because that works well with the watercolors I am going to use. The ink stays put and doesn't contaminate my brushes. I did choose to stamp the image lighter so that I can add in details with a fine liner after coloring as you can see below. 

I really love the process of watercolor, esp choosing the colors that play well together and create an effect of their own. Like the turquoise and violet blends in the background. 

In the background I wanted to convey a certain contained aura around the Fed up Lady - like she is in her own thought bubble. Like we usually tend to do when things consume us... Also wanted to give you a view of how my desk looks when I am at work with watercolors. I sorta have an addiction when it comes to them, meaning I have several sets. Like stamps, they multiply. 

After I finished coloring I stamped texture in the background with Memento inks in corresponding colors. Trimmed and rounded off the edges then lined it with Tuxedo black which I also used to stamp in the word Fuck. Poor girl, I hope she gets out of her thought loop soon and realize we all eff up sometimes... it's what we learn from it and continue on that matters most. 

Stamps used: 

Hope this inspired you to create and see you all next time. Also be sure to check out the new releases this month! Have a lovely day!

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