Thursday, March 26, 2015

To match

Hi Hermine here. This time I made a match box with a matching necklace.

step 1: Take a match box alteration die and cut out the shape out of cardstock. Spray the 2 pieces with water and sprinkle some Brusho. This is just one colour called Sandstone.
step 2: Stamp  Whimsical Cyclops 19407 with Stazobn  Black Colour the lips and make some white accents in the eye.
step 3: Mask off the face and stamp Writing Circles background 19567 over the rest of the outer  piece.
step 4: take a piece shrink plastic and stamp the Whimsical Cyclops and Whimsical Acorn 19405 with Stazon Black. Give some colour accents on the face. Cut both shapes out and make a hole at the top of each one. Shrink the 2 pieces. Take a piece of leftover shrink plastic, cut a rectangle and colour with Brusho. Punch holes on each sides, bent it and fasten it temporarely with a piece of wire and shrink it so it forms a loop. Take a metal ring and fasten the face onto the loop and treat the loop over a chain. Fasten the acorn with a metall ring to the necklace clasp.
step 5: put a piece of cotton ball into the box and put the necklace in.

Used materials:

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by belle said...

Hermine! This is simply amazing!!!!