Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Here is Maria Potapovich (mellpellmell) at the post today))) Heheh)))

Sometimes in life the days when you want to think.
Just think and think. 
That's get some interesting thought in his head, and you go all day, two, three ... and think. 

Often you want to forget and get busy, but the idea does not let you go!

This work is about such a thought.

I wanted to depict my thoughts about human relationships on this mixed-media art page. 

Often every relations become incomprehensible and there is too much welter in it, but no one understands the reasons. 
And often it is NOT necessary to find out any reasons, because they do not exist! 

Sometimes you just need to accept the fact that your close people love you!  That's it!
 Sometimes happiness depends on this!

 For this art page I've used 3 stamps from the Plate 927 and 5 stamps from Plate 917 ))

So, what can I say?
Add some bright colors to your life and enjoy each other!
Celebrate EVERY day!

And... I'm going to hang this art page on the wall and a few days it will delight me)))

Luck to all!


Sandra Strait said...

Lovely thoughts and lovely project!

Mell Pell Mell said...

Thank you, Sandra)))

by belle said...

Awesome stamping layers!!!

Mell Pell Mell said...

by belle, it was big work with the tons of layers))) thank you!

Lucy E. said...

This is an amazing piece!

Mell Pell Mell said...

Lucy, thanks))) It's all because of stamps)))