Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hi, Hermine here again. I love clocks, and even more so to alter them. So that's what I did for today.

Step 1: take the clock apart, be careful because the hands are fragile. Put the parts aside. On this clock the clockface was glue on the plastic back and the paper was a little flimsy, so i decided to cut out a circle out of sturdier paper the same size as the orignal clockface. I colored the whole circle with different colours oil pastels (Cray-Pas expresionist) from Sakura of America, then blend the colours with you fingers, this way you get gorgoeus muted colours. Use some perfect Pearls and brush over it, I used golden, this makes it much easier to stamp on theis type of background.

step 2: Stamp with Stazon Jet Black the coffee stain ring 19230, do this four times in a horizontal line in the middle. Stamp the bulls eye target solid 19196 and the Bulls eye target open 19193 radomly around the coffee stains. Stampe the pulse rate 19186 on the right hand side below the middle line and on the left hand side above the middle line. Do the same with the washi grid background 19074.

Step 3: Stamp the dancing lady 19183 on a piece of Kromecote. And give it some colours with distress inks and a water brush. Cut out.

step 4: because I made a new circle I didn;lt have the numbers, so I scanned the clock face and printd it on transparant sheet.

step 5: I sprayed the outer ring with marble spray white and then black.

step 6: Assemble the clock. I spray glued the Clock face and glued into the back, then I spray glued the transparant clock face and glued this on top. Then put back the hands, the glass and put the outer ring back on it.

Because the glass shimmers its a bit hard to make decant photo's without reflections.

Hope you like this project!

Used materials:
Coffee Stain ring 19230
Bulls eye target solid 19196
Bulls eye target solid 19193
Pulse rate 19186
Washi grid background 19074
Dancing Lady 19183
Stazon Jet Back ink

Oil Pastel from Sakura of America.


Sandra Strait said...

I would so love to have one of these clocks up on my wall!

Anonymous said...

Super cool, Hermine! Now I want to alter a clock. Fabulous project!

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