Thursday, July 04, 2013

One of These Is Not Like the Others

Have you ever played those games where you have to pick out the object that is different than the other objects?

VLVS! Stamps used: 
Sitting Elephant - 19157
Whimsical Elephant - 19219
Whimsical Sheep - 18979

Sakura of America

  Gelly Roll Standard  -White,  

  Gelly Roll 1.0 Metallic: - Gold, Silver, Blue, Emerald and Purple

  Galaxy Gelly Roll Stardust Pens - Rose, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Gold, Red
   Pigma Micron Pen .08

Strathmore Toned Tan Art Journal

StazOn Inkpad - Jet Black

This journal page was fun! The toned paper of the Strathmore journal makes everything POP, and gellyrolls are one of my favorite ways to color Zentangle-Inspired Art.

The steps are few:

  1. Stamp the elephants and sheep. I put the sheep in the middle...'cause its the 'Not Like the Other' one, if you hadn't guessed, lol!
  2. Write out the wording in pencil, to get the placement you want.
  3. Outline the words with the Micron pen.
  4. Draw strings (lines to create sections on the page).
  5. Fill the string sections with tangle patterns.
  6. Use the Gellyroll pens to color, color, color!
Some tips with using Gellyrolls:

Draw on some scrap paper to get your pen flowing well if you haven't used it in a while.  You'll see ink forming on the tip.

Make sure you've done most of your Micron Linework before using the Gellyrolls, or else wait until the gellyroll ink is completely dry before using Micron over it.  Otherwise, you risk clogging your Micron.

The slower you draw, the more even coverage you'll get.

The color that beads up on the tip is a mixed blessing.  It means you'll get a lovely flow, and fantastic coverage.  But that bead will dry, and then prevent flow.  So when you stop using the pen, wipe the tip.  If your flow gets thin, wipe the tip.  If you want a thinner line, wipe the tip before drawing it.

If you want to add a second layer of color, let the first layer dry or you'll just move the ink around.

If you want to lighten the intensity of the color, scribble a line or two and smear it with your finger (yep.  You'll get your fingers smudged).  You can also let the color dry and add white gellyroll pen over top.  Different effects, but both lighten.

You can find tangle patterns online.  Some of my favorite sites are, and you can search for Tangle Patterns at my Life Imitates Doodles blog.

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Unknown said...

Ha-this is fun. I like the colors and always enjoy your tangles. Mary

Tera Callihan said...

Fun. i guessed the right one! ( though I knew the other two were a sec because that's one of my favorite sets, I'm not sure but is cheating or not lol)

Sandra Strait said...

Thank you both!