Monday, October 01, 2012

New Design Team!!!

Today I get to introduce you to the face of our new Design Team!!

We have the pleasure of welcoming back some of our previous members, as well as bringing on some new ones!!!

To introduce them I've asked that they each finish the sentence "I rubber stamp to _____" in three words or less and so here they are in alphabetical order:

"I rubber stamp to be happy."

"I rubber stamp to make art."


"I rubber stamp to create."

(Marketing and Artistic Director for VLVS!)
"I rubber stamp to impress."


"I rubber stamp to stay sane."

 "I rubber stamp to make myself happy."

"I rubber stamp to relax and have fun."

"I rubber stamp to create artwork."

"I rubber stamp to enhance my bliss."

"I rubber stamp to express my soul."

"I rubber stamp for my health."

"I rubber stamp to create."

"I rubber stamp to leave a mark."

"I rubber stamp to avoid rubber rooms."

"I rubber stamp to make awesome art."

"I rubber stamp to stay young."

Let's give them all a big round of applause!!!
Each one of these ladies has some fabulous inspiration to share with you for the next nine months, and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!


VicR said...

Welcome to the New DT, and Welcome back to the others..
Looking forward to seeing everyone's art in the coming months :)

Anonymous said...

*Applause* Congrats on making and or keeping your spots on the team. Looking forward to your upcoming creations.

Sheri said...

congrats fellow teammates! :D

Antoinette/Cultivate Life in Joy said...

Congratuations! New & Already Design Team..looking forward to all the great things y'all are gonna share...Now get to creating.

Stampo said...

Looking forward to great new artwork and techniques from our talented Design Team... congratulations and thanks for playing.

Barbara Rankin said...

Congratulations to the new design team. I can't wait to see all your creativity come to life.

Lyneen said...

Looks like a great team... I am proud to be apart of Congrats to all!!! Looking forward to your inspiration!

Glenda T. said...

Congrats to my fellow DT members and I am super pumped to be a part of this exciting team!!!

Dawnll said...

Congratulations everyone! Popped in to wish my girl Pinky a big Congrats...have a great time ladies.