Thursday, October 04, 2012

Gift Card Holder

It's a Matchbox, no it's a Steampunk Elephant, no - really it is a Gift Holder!!  I love "making" stuff from paper...3D stuff, especially when I can put goodies to gift to other people!

Templates are easy to find, Mirwood is a favortie of mine.  Also those who have cutting machines, there are many SVGs out there to create this matchbox.

Find some papers in the same shades but different pattens.  One loud, one more subdued.  It helps to create a focal point for the top of the box and yet you have pattern for inside but it is not over doing it.

Mary Vogel Lozinak has so many fun images to use to decorate the cover.  This would be perfect for a box for jewelry - a Watch would be too wonderful!!!

VLVS images:
18523  Elephant Machine
18322 My Life is a Shideshow

Miracle Tape

I know all my posts show Miracle Tape.  I could not do paper arts without it!  The sheets come in handy for like this stamped art, I stamp and cut out a square.  I mount the square onto a corner of the Miracle Tape sheet, and then cut out the image.  Then I have the sticky back on my image, I peel it off and add it to my art!  Easy Peasy.  Also, I love that Miracle Tape comes in several widths so when I am mounting layer on layer of cardstock, I can pick the width I need.  Never a worry.  Try a roll, you will be hooked (or stuck on, lol) like I am....and I have been creating a LONG time and this is the best tape I've run across!!!

Here is a closeup of the cool elephant traveling in the air on a gear driven blimp!  I've matched the colors of the paper - they stand out yet are monochromatic. 

Join the sideshow and get a jump start on Christmas Gifts!  Think of what these boxes will look like in Christmas patterned paper, and Christmas stamps like the new plates out with Santa's head, or the old fashion Santa (love)!  For those who followed the Halloween Blog Hop, the new stamps mixed with some of the old would be perfect!  If you want to do a trick (sort of) instead of a treat, put a finger cookie (yes a finger looking cookie) or gummy eyeballs in the box.

Note:  For those who love to be green and recyle...if you happen to have empty matchboxes in your stash, that is even better for creating with!  Bravo for you.  I don't play much with matches so I have to make my own box, lol.

I try to post ideas that can be used for any occasion by just changing stamps - use this idea for birthdays, holidays, and even for bridal showers/baby showers.  My daughter is getting married in 2014, so this gives me lots of ideas.

I have been dubbed the Girl who Loves I am excited now that fall is here - New posts coming up in rusts, cranberry, and lovely fall shades.

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea


Sandra Strait said...

Fantastic idea--thanks for the tip on light and dark papers!

Tarnished Rose said...

I like!


by belle said...

Great colors!!

Lyneen said...

Really cute! Great colors, I sure love that stamp!

leslierahye said...

so fun! I love matchboxes

Waseem said...

like the gifts and the stamp you used for it..if possible i would like to use it in Gift Card envelopes.

Unknown said...

i like your cards.
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